Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another Yeah Yeah Yeahs leak

Skatterbrain just posted another mp3 called "Cheated hearts" from the YYYs new album Show Your Bones. I have the album and I am really enjoying it so far. For those who have to wait til March 28th, here is a little nibble to hold you over.

This is track 6 on the album if you care.

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New Thursday song via mailing list

Here is a link emailed to me with streaming audio of Thursday's new single "Counting 5-4-3-2-1." I haven't even heard the song yet- I only think of you guys. I hope it's good.

Thursday are also playing the El Rey on March 28th. Unfortunately anyone without tickets is screwed since it sold out a long time ago.

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Forward Russia confirmed @ Spaceland!

Thank God. I was really getting nervous about this one since tickets never showed up on Ticketweb, but Spaceland finally confirmed it today. You want to know why they never showed up to buy? Because it's a Free Monday Show! This shit is like a solar eclipse people. The stars have aligned.

So if you don't know anything about Forward Russia then go to their website and check them out. They'll knock your socks off- I promise. There are even some free downloads here

Previous Posts: Forward Russia

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Update on the Wolf Post

So I was missing one noise band called AIDS Wolf. I knew there was one more! Let me know if you can think of any other bands with wolf in the title.

If you have no idea what this post is about, check out my article from yesterday here

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The Books escape from the library!

You usually read books and occasionally get to listen to them on tapes as you travel across the country on those wonderful family vacations; however, it’s not very often that you get to see one of your favorite books play a cello and an acoustic guitar all while plugging away at archaic tape recordings about Venice and motherless children. And did we mention they have a pet jar of mayonnaise?

Luckily the time has come when
The Books will spread their pages once more for us here in LA at the all too appropriate arena (no, its not the public library) – The J. Paul Getty Museum. And if thats not enough The Books will be back in April to play at the Knitting Factory. Hopefully the girl that made Mia Doi Todd cry at their last show won't be there.

Pencil it in; it’s going to be a good one.

3/17/06 - J. Paul Getty Museum (with Califone) (
4/15/06 - The Knitting Factory (w/ The Clogs) (

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Low : the Mormon melody maker sings in the Choir and comes back to California where its warm (kinda)

So Alan Sparhawk went a little nuts about a year ago and cancelled Low's tour behind their latest release The Great Destroyer. I guess he got jealous at all the success behind the other Mormon musician's Hot Fuss and decided to get out of those deep, dark caves he had buried himself in over years of making beautiful, dark shoegazing anthems.

Almost immediately after splitting the scene to recover, Sparhawk joined forces with
Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon) to form the Retribution Gospel Choir. Luckily I had a chance to catch the Choir at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa last year. I didn't know such a soft spoken pair of grown ups could be so noisy. Quite enjoyable and impressive. The show made me get all jittery for another Low and or Kozelek show.

Unfortunately we missed Kozelek at the Troubadour this past month (tear and tissue), but it just so happens that this week Low is taking the stage at the Troub with Damien Jurado. If you want to hear vocals so wet in reverb that you'll need to wring out your clothes afterwards then make it out on Friday.

3/3/06 - Troubadour (w/ Damien Jurado) (

A little taste from the Retribution Gospel Choir Tour EP:

Retribution Gospel Choir - "Hatchet"

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Gorgeous Radiohead photos from their last days in the studio

These are some exciting times indeed...

Check out more info here

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Sex Pistols give the finger to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


Oh Johnny you're so Rotten.

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Morrissey potential threat to national security

The FBI are after the slick haired Casanova! Check out the story here

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Jose Gonzalez venue change

For all of you that bought tickets to see Jose Gonzalez at the Echo on March 21 the venue has been changed to the Jensen RecCenter Studio. It's in Echo Park so if you were to show up on the 21st they would have just sent you down the street, but would you have really wanted to park, walk, walk back, unpark, drive, repark, walk, and then enjoy. The Content is cutting out about 4 steps in the process and you are very welcome for it.

Jose Gonzalez will be joined by
Minor Canon, Astrid Swan, and Get Cape.Wear Cape. Fly. There are still tickets available for the show so get up on it here.

3/20/06 - Hotel Cafe
3/21/06 - Jensen RecCenter Studio (

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Liars move to LA, bye bye Berlin

Check out the new Pitchfork interview with Angus and the gang here.

Previous Posts: New Liars Album

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Wolves of the Night

From the depth of Toronto (or maybe Montreal) comes Wolves of the Night. They're one part noise, two parts pop and a dash of indie. They don't have a record label as of yet, but I'm sure they'll build a solid underground following with their numerous self-distributed 7 inches and CDRs.

Ok so I'm completely full of shit, but how many more Wolf bands can possible surface.

Here is the list I have so far (in order of personal importance):

1) Wolf Parade

2) Wolf Eyes

3) We Are Wolves

4) Guitar Wolf

5) Wolfmother

6) Sea Wolf

I can see the appeal of making the elusive wolf your band mascot, but I think at this point the well has run dry.



P.S. I happen to love all these bands so don't get all pissy. I'm just pointing out this strange phenomenon.

P.P.S. If you want to get free marketing put wolf (and or wolves) in your band name.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jon Brion tunes

If you aren't familiar with Jon Brion's work you are definitely missing out. Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands has a handful of free mp3s so head over there pronto.

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April Fools! It's the Cloud Room

If you didn't get a chance to catch the hitless hitmakers at the Echo this past month they are coming back around again. This next time the Cloud Room will be at the Troubadour with Film School.

But is this all just a prank and the Content is the first to fall for it. We'll see come April 1 when we are all appropriately placed inside the Troubadour with an empty stage and a sign simply stating "Gotcha!!! love the Cloud Room."

Hopefully it doesn't end this way, but I am going to try my luck cuz I am always up for a good prank.

4/1/06 - the Troubadour (w/ Film School) (
tickets on sale 3/2 @10am)

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Myspace to Spyspace

For all of you creepers, trolls, stalkers, and freaks out there a big BEWARE comes to you from the Content. It seems that every pedophiles worst nightmare has come true with the creation of Spyspace a program that tracks who, what, when, and where someone checks out your Myspace profile.

Unfortunately the older Spyspace trackers are being blocked from use on Myspace, but fortunately they have come up with better models that are not yet being blocked to protect our younglings from being peered upon by all those Manson-Gayce-Dahmers.

Basically only available on
eBay (between $2 and $10+) you can get an account within the day to start protecting yourself from the Myspace generation. Or you could just cancel your account and call your friends up on the phone for once. Just a thought.

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Kite Flying Society

It is completely sunny today, and I think it has something to do with me playing "Groundflower" this morning. That melody. That voice. I'm officially a fish in a barrel and KFS is shooting me.

All I mean is that there is no escaping this song, and why would you want to?

Kite Flying Society is a 7 piece from San Diego that uses everything from keytar to glockenspiel. At this point they are going in as one of my favorite myspace bands. Their website is still on the mend, but will arrive soon.

So go check out the myspace site

Also check out what You Ain't No Picasso had to say about them here

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Matachine playing tonight, Ex- DDM members play in 60 Watt Kid

Come watch The Matachine tonight at the Beehive in Chinatown with members from Dance Disaster Movement! Here is the address:

686 N. Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Jonah DVD and live videos

Go check out a trailer for Jonah's new DVD and watch some other live videos.

Check it out here.

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Test Icicles explain their split.

Here is an offical comment from the band about their recent split:

Hmm, well, I not really sure how to explain this, but I gather from the comments
that have been left on our myspace page over the last twenty-four hours that you
all know that our 'group', band', 'project' or whateveryawannacallit is going to
split up.I've just spent the last hour writing a dissertation about what our
band is/was/intended-to-be and have twisted my brain inside out trying to
explain the chaos, dilemmas and confusion that has engulfed this band in the
past 18months, I'm not even sure I understand what has happened to us let alone
trying to explain it to someone else.We started this band in August 2004, our
only intention was to have bit of fun, to play a few shows, cause some trouble
and to split up shortly afterwards, the fact of the matter is that we played our
5millionth gig the other day after a year of multiple tours and we're sick,
tired and miserable, and to put it simply, it just isn't fun anymore and hasn't
been for a very long time, so we've decided it's time to find something that
does make us happy because unfortunately this isn't it.The original plan was to
play a UK tour, European Tour and American Tour all in succession, finishing up
with our final 5 shows around the UK in April.I think we always suspected that
at some point during this three month period of constant touring that something
would go wrong and unfortunately that time came after the final show of our
European tour in St. Malo last week, I'm not say who it was who snapped or in
what circumstance but it had been a long time coming and I was almost relieved
when it actually happened.I'm really sorry to anyone who was looking forward to
seeing us playing at that NME show or catching us on tour in the US, I hope that
anyone who bought a ticket manages to get their money back without too much
hassle. I would've loved to have toured the US, but in our current state of
disrepair it was never going to happen and if we did try and make it happen it
probably would have led to something much worse happening and the three of us
disappearing somewhere near Utah never to be seen again, or something like that,
so unfortunately the US tour wasn't to be. We will however play our final shows
in April, that'll give us some time to sort our heads out and hopefully we can
all have a week long 'fuck the Test Icicles' party together ? should be a good
way to kill us off I think, bring your shovels and we'll bury Test Icicles once
and for all.Ok, well, I don't really know what else to say other than thanks to
anyone who invested their time, money and effort into this band, i.e. the people
who bought our records and came to see us play, I know it probably doesn't
always seem like it, but we do appreciate it.With a bit of luck the next
projects that we undertake, whether they be comic books, Nobel prize winning
scientific discoveries or, who knows, maybe just maybe another band, will be
better than Test Icicles and you'll look back and be glad we split up ?For the
time being I'm going to grow a beard, move to the forest and work on my
hillbilly-psych-out-jams and we'll see you in April, clean shaven and ready to
fuck some shit up for the last time as Test Icicles!!!!Take care of your
badass-mudda-fuggin-selves, Luurve,Raaaaaary Decihells/Aggwelt/AtwellX X X

So there you have it. There are more comments on their myspace if you care.

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Man Man aren't coming to LA, lets all fly to New York
So I have no idea if we have an East Coast audience, but if we do you will be happy to know that Man Man are playing in your town.

03-02 New York, NY - Mercury Lounge

They just released a new album (which is fabulously weird) so go check out their website.

Also if you enjoy the Pitchfork stamp of approval, head on over there and read the review.

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Dinner and a Movie at CineSpace....


Feb. 24th and 25th @ 8pm see the Oscar nominated film JUNEBUG

check out their site here to find out about future screenings.

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Blogs To Riches

New York Magazine just published a really interesting and comprehensive article on the blogosphere empire. It talks a lot about the A-list bloggers and how they secured themselves such dominant positions in the race.

Read the article here

These people are making a ton of money. We are not. Please pass on our site to anyone who might care.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jonah spends the evening with his fans, we forget camera
When I left the Troubadour last night I held inside me all the reasons why I love live music. I don't think I can quite describe those feelings, but I think it has a lot to do with marking that unique moment in time and the honesty and openness of a great musician. When it comes to freedom and compassion, there is no better musician out there than Jonah Matranga. Who else has fans that come to their 20th show just to hangout with Jonah for the evening? There is no backstage on a Jonah tour. He is at the merch booth all night, and is one of the nicest people you'll ever come across.

The show was an amazing blend of his patented solo work (long talking interludes and all), a full band performance of none other than Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone"( probably the greatest thing I saw all night - yes I said it Natalie), and an acapella ending of some old Onelinedrawing songs.

So that is an hour and a half of music right there, but Jonah was having such a great time that he promised a sidewalk show after the Troubadour closed. At about 12:45 a group of fifteen made our way to the center grass area of Santa Monica Blvd and heard four more songs, huddled in a tight circle to keep warm.

(a similar sidewalk show at Chain Reaction)

Coming back to the "unique moment in time" statement above, I think a night like this is a great reminder of how special these experiences are, and how powerful nostalgia is. Even at the show I was already thinking about how important this moment will be for me in twenty years. How I will be able to talk to my kids about this amazing night at the Troubadour with Jonah Matranga. Maybe history will have made him a music icon by then or perhaps just pushed him under the rug, but either way I will still have that experience to share.

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Spartan Fidelity to release new album (finally)

Having a song on the Grammy award winning Garden State soundtrack, and the song "Save Me" being the theme to Smallville, you would think that most people have heard of Remy Zero by now. But what they might not know is that Remy Zero disbanded and each member went off to focus on their own projects. Luckily the heart of the band, Cinjun and Shelby Tate, joined together to form Spartan Fidelity, a side project that takes the emotion of Remy Zero with the experimentality of a non-label artist.

Way back in 2003, Spartan Fidelity self released Excava-11, the first in a three part installment that would be released by the end of the year; yet, unfortunately no follow up to Excava-11 ever came. A three song B-sides EP was released in early 2004, but that has been it until just recently news of a new album on the horizon and snippets of new songs arrived at there

With only a hand full of appearances to date we should see the Tate brothers coming back to West LA sometime soon.

Remy Zero - "Oil On Water" (dead link sorry kids)


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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jenny Lewis album free on Team Love website

Brooklyn Vegan just pointed out that if you go to the Team Love site you can download Jenny Lewis' new album for free (this is a completely legal download).

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If you are not our myspace friend go to our page and add us. We love new friends.


The Content

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"Bring 'Em Home Now" show in New York

On March 20th R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe, Bright Eyes, Rufus Wainwright, Fischerspooner, Public Enemy's Chuck D, Devendra Banhart and Peaches will play a benefit show at the Hammerstein Ballroom to raise money for Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace. March 20th will mark the third anniversary of the Iraq War.

Does Peaches really need to come?

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New Liars LP near perfect, witches dig the heavy beats

I'm not supposed to have it, but I have it, and I love it. Drums Not Dead is the title of the new Liars LP that is not quite out yet... but I have my sources. It's fantastic.

They Were Wrong So We Drown had a lot of great moments, but for the average fan it might have had a bit too much white noise. This ditches the noise for drone and rhythm. Lots and lots and lots of rhythm.

Don't miss them come through LA on June 3rd at the Troub.

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Test Icicles split, cancel US tour

I'm too pissed to even write a paragraph about this so I'll leave it at this:

The Test Icicles are young kids that weren't looking for big success and extended tours, so when they got both they packed their shit up and split.

As much as we like to think all musicians are our little play things, living only to entertain us, they do have real lives and real problems. Blah blah blah... I'm still fucking angry. I want my money back.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Thunderbirds are Now (at Spaceland)!

It's not a Thunderbirds show without a lot of dancing and a blown up car. Well let me tell you - it was in fact a true Thunderbirds show.

Rocking down the 101 in Jon's Volvo, Silverlake quickly approaching, it seemed like the makings for a great night until smoke started flowing from the Volvo's hood. Being the hardcore fans that we are, Jon and I said screw it, parked the car and walked to the show. No anti-freeze leak was going to keep us from Thunderbirds.

As expected the Thunderbirds kicked major ass, danced in the crowd and even made a makeshift tent under Spaceland's curtains. Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav) was there, although I was too scared to go up and meet him.

Oh yeah did I tell you the show was FREE? You just can't beat a free Spaceland show every Monday. Check out their upcoming calendar

So we got back to the car and tried to drive home on the freeway going 40 mph, but soon found ourselves stuck in Crenshaw. Several bums and a middle eastern mechanic (on a bike) later we casually cruised back into our apartment parking lot (white smoke billowing for all to see).
You can't buy a night like that.

*all photos by BWH and THEKING

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Jonah ditches his onelinedrawing, re-adopts his last name

Jonah Matranga has been the staple product of my musical diet since I first saw him open for Jimmy Eat World (way way back in the day). After a dozen Onelinedrawing shows I still can't get enough, and will be attending his latest get together at the Troubadour this Wed. (22nd of Feb). Do join me.

Get tickets here or pay extra at ticketmaster here

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The sounds of The Sounds
Luckily we get to hear the Sweden-gone-Blondie act once again. They played and conquered this past fall when they perforned at Element (WTF? isn't that a shiny shirt dance club?) and they are coming back around again. In honor of their new album that they are dropping on March 15th entitled Dying To Say This To You, The Sounds are playing a couple of shows in the LA area.

If you want to shake your hips or at least get spit on by a hot blonde swedish rock singer than you better make it out to one of the shows.

3/21/06 - ? some undisclosed location (w/ Morningwood and Action, Action)
3/22/06 - Henry Fonda Theater (
3/23/06 - Glass House (

Preview the new album
Official page
Myspacel page

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The (almost) Perfect CD

I once heard US Weekly described as "media crack." To the same extent I think that Popular Mechanics is chocolate for the techie soul. They got some crazy gadgets in that mag.

Well I am not a techie by any means but I was flipping through PM the other day and came across something that might be fairly valid to the music lover. It seems that they have come out with the perfect CD-R that is (almost) scratch proof. According to PM:

"The polymer coating on
Scratch-Less Disc CD-Rs prevents minor scratches, but the real innovation is the elevated inner ring and row of bumps along the disc's outer edge. The new shape adds about 0.5mm of height to the disc, keeping the fragile underside from touching any surface it falls on or scrapes across."

Basically they are parent proof because we all know the baby boomers don't know how to take care of their digital property. Anyways, they are $13.49 for a spindle of 10 discs but what is that worth when you are protecting your
Jeff Mangum mp3s from your grandparents ignorant claws?

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Mogwai says what we were all thinking

Read a nice little James Blunt / Coldplay bash here

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Gold Lion" Video

Check out the new (and incredibly sweet) video for an equally awesome song here

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's my birthday today so I command all of you to go out and drink a beer for me. Now.


Nicholas Millington Ferrall

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Wilderness getting wild @ the Echo
Finally its time to get wild. Pitchfork described them as being something like Johnny Rotten being backed by Explosions in the Sky. I picture them more as an electrical storm dancing on pins and needles. Whatever floats your boat, right?

After an impressive and critically acclaimed debut (except for Q's review - bloody Brits don't know)
Wilderness is returning with their second installment of listening delectibles entitled Vessel States which will be dropped on April 11 through Jagjaguwar. I guess that gives us enough time to breath over their last album, hold our breath over the released single "Emergency," and then be saved by the album when it finally makes it to our hands. Hopefully by that time we won't be to far underwater, but if so we can find solace in Wilderness' live show at the Echo.

Enjoy the new song and go and get tickets before all the beasts come out and eat 'em all up. Yum.

Wilderness - "

4/28/06 - the Echo (w/ Year Future, Parts and Labor) (

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I'm exploding with new music

I plan on elaborating much further on all of these musicians, but for now I just want to get them out to you

Arms and Legs

Jenny Owen Young

You won't be disappointed.

Jenny Own Young (J.O.Y.) has a residency at the Hotel Cafe in March so be there

March 9th - Hotel Cafe

March 24th - Hotel Cafe

March 30th - Hotel Cafe

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Put on your Arab Strap
Belle & Sebastian are blessing the Sunset Strip with an instore appearance at Amoeba Records on March 20th @ 3pm. They'll be doing some acoustic versions from their new LP The Life Pursuit as well as throwing their humble John Hancock on a copy if you so desire.

So for all of you who don't have finals that week or didn't get tickets to one of the shows at the Wiltern than here is your chance.

3/18/06 - Wiltern (w/ The New Pornographers) SOLD OUT
3/19/06 - Wiltern (w/ The New Pornographers) SOLD OUT
3/20/06 - Amoeba Records (Acoustic In-store) FREE

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) in feature film

"Will is my friend..." Devendra is a lucky man to be able to sing those lyrics - unfortunately I am not. I listen to his records a lot though, so I guess we're kind of friends.

Will Oldham is a pioneer of intensely personal folk music, and apparently a good actor. Check out Stylus Magazine's review of the Kelly Reichardt film Old Joy.

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Walkmen reveal Tracklist, not to be played on Walkman

How many times were these guys on the OC? I think it was more than once. Luckily they are pretty damn good or I might of had to flush them down the toilet. Anyway here are a couple of news bits that won't help you listen to the album, but give you a sense of... mmm... well basically nothing. I hate when we just get tracklists. I can't hear tracklists.

Hundred Miles

01 Louisiana
02 Danny's at the Wedding
03 Good for You's Good for Me
04 Emma, Get Me a Lemon
05 All Hands and the Cook
06 Lost in Boston
07 Don't Get Me Down (Come on Over Here)
08 This Job Is Killing Me
09 Tenley Town
10 Brandy Alexander
11 Always After You (‘Til You Started After Me)
12 Another One Goes By
A Hundred Miles Off was recorded

This bad boy will be with you just in time for summer: May 23rd.

Don't forget to come to Coachella and hear some new songs before you get to own them.

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Fake Radiohead show in Sin City

I guess this show was so fake that I didn't even know it existed in the first place. Check out the article at AtEase to find out more about this gritty scandal (that was for The Matachine).

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Black Crowes play The Roxy, Anyone care?

So I'm not a big fan of Chris Robinson (he's alright, but nothing mind blowing); however, when I saw he was playing the Roxy I figured someone out there would care. So go to Brooklyn Vegan and find out.

LA Dates:
Mon 4/24 Los Angeles, CA The Roxy (on sale: Fri 2/24 @ 11:00 AM)
Tue 4/25 Los Angeles, CA The Roxy (on sale: Fri 2/24 @ 11:00 AM)

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valley Arena Dates

As promised here are some more dates...

Mar 10 2006
Phoenix, AZ

Mar 11 2006
Tucson, AZ

Mar 18 2006
Austin, TX

Mar 20 2006
House of Rock & Roll
El Paso, TX

Mar 21 2006
The Phix
Phoenix, AZ

Mar 22 2006
Ventura, CA

Mar 23 2006
Alex's Bar
Long Beach, CA

Mar 24 2006
The Belmont
Fresno, CA

Related Post: Valley Arena at The Troub

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Wayne shoots "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" video, lions show up

Check out the NME article about The Flaming Lips new video. Should be a good time.

Related Post: New Lips LP

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The Valley Arena @ The Troub.
I love free shows. No expectations, no lingering doubts from your wallet - just a nice evening of music in its purest form. Unfortunately, free music usually comes at the cost of listening to a bunch of shitty bands.

The funny thing is that I would have paid to see The Valley Arena. I felt like I had just snuck in the backdoor, because there was no way this was just another free show. After giving my buddy Dave (on bass) a high five from the stage, I sat back and watched the four piece blow through a ton of songs, in little time, with technical perfection.

The Valley Arena played a loud set without the muddy sound that usually haunts loud bands. Each song held a tight dose of "call-and-response" guitars thrown against a manic bassline and suprisingly melodic vocals (for the style of music). Dave threw out so many backwards riffs and sweet dance moves that I thought Omar Rodriguez-Lopez had been teleported on stage and handed a bass. Mike Nielsen on drums kept the whole operation air tight and kept the pace going inbetween songs.

Be sure to check this band out online at The Valley Arena's myspace and or website

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Things were so different as a child

No one really listens to lyrics when they're a little kid. We might know the words to every song, but transforming language into actual meaning is another story. So this little section is dedicated to songs that went from holding no significance to carrying obvious meanings.

1) "Spoon Man" - Soundgarden: This was one of my favorite songs when I was a kid, and everytime it came on the radio I'd blast the Hell out of it. The best part was that the song has no cussing so I didn't have to deal with my mom yelling at me from the driver's seat. For some reason though she always talked about how she didn't like "Spoon Man." This just really confused me. I mean what's so bad about a guy who likes to play drums with spoons. As many things do in life, one day it all clicked - heroin.

"Hands are for shaking, not tying,"

"Spoon Man, come together with your hands, save me."

Heroin spoon.

I didn't even see it coming, but how could I?

2) "Like a Prayer" - Madonna: This was not one of my favorite songs when I was a kid, but my sister loved Madonna so I heard it a little too often. She had always been painted as such a hedonistic pagan in my head, so this song seemed like a tamed down version of the 80's sex symbol. Once again the light went on and it all made sense. What the Hell is she doing on her knees anyways? And where exactly is she going to take him in the midnight hour? Finally, why is it "like a prayer?" The word "like" brings in the idea of a simile, which shows two things that look a like but are different. I already offended one person last night discussing this song - hopefully I can get a few more before the end of the day.

part 2 coming... work calls.

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Built to Spill ready new album, tour their brains out

You in Reverse will be the first Built to Spill release in five years, so I'd say my expectations are pretty, pretty high (that never gets old). Doug Martsch has publicly stated that Ancient Melodies was a half-ass record and that by 2001 he had lost the desire to play music with Built to Spill; however, after a few years holed up somewhere off in Twin Falls Idaho he got his muster back (before he got to old, you know how that goes). I'm just full of em today. Anyway the new LP will be released on April 11th and the bearded boys will be on tour from then on.

Hopefully all these dates don't burn them out before they make it to LA.

03-15 Austin, TX - La Zona Rosa (Warner Bros. SXSW showcase)
*04-11 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
04-12 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
04-13 Madison, WI - Barrymore Theatre
04-14 Chicago, IL - Metro
04-15 Chicago, IL - Metro
04-16 St. Louis, MO - Mississippi Nights
04-17 Columbia, MO - Blue Note
04-19 Lawrence, KS - The Bottleneck
04-20 Tulsa, OK - Cain's Ballroom
04-21 Little Rock, AR - Vino's
04-22 Memphis, TN - Young Avenue Deli
04-23 Nashville, TN - City Hall
04-24 Urbana, IL - Foellinger Auditorium
04-25 Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue
04-26 Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
04-27 Detroit, MI - St. Andrews Hall
04-28 Millvale, PA - Mr. Small's Theatre
04-29 Buffalo, NY - Town Ballroom
04-30 South Burlington, VT - Higher Ground Burlington
05-01 Boston, MA - The Roxy
05-03 New York, NY - Irving Plaza
05-04 New York, NY - Irving Plaza
05-05 New York, NY - Irving Plaza
05-06 Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero
05-07 Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero
05-08 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
05-09 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
05-10 Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
05-11 Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
05-12 Atlanta, GA - Variety Playhouse
05-13 Athens, GA - 40 Watt Club
05-14 Birmingham, AL - Zydeco
05-16 New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
05-17 Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
05-18 San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit
05-19 Dallas, TX - Gypsy Tea Room
05-20 Austin, TX - Stubb's BBQ

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Golden State – Splinters Out EP

Golden State’s James Grundler must really wonder what we’re all so afraid of. It seems that ever since the Beatles turned their back on “A Hard Days Night” and set their sights on Abbey Road to write more obscure, sophisticated songs every band has followed suit. Radiohead basically renounced the fridge buzz of “Creep” for the apocalyptic movements of “Paranoid Android.” At The Drive-In turned on their songs and dismembered in order to shape and fold genres and time signatures in the Mars Volta.

And though all of these bands have found varying degrees of success in this progression (I for one find Radiohead’s latter work far superior to Pablo Honey and On A Friday) it can’t helped but be asked – what’s so scary about the pop song and what’s wrong with sticking with the old?

“Sifting through the old seems to be the new black! With any luck someone will get it right.”

After a dismissed album with the Din Pedals and two strong yet largely overlooked albums with the now defunct Paloalto, singer/songwriter James Grundler has reemerged with a new band and a new sound but in an all so familiar direction. Focusing on the craft of song, Golden State grabs at influences that are more classic than contemporary.

“Rain,” the lead off track, immediately explodes with sound that seems to be ignited by the mere action of pressing play. The sweeping vocals and hopeful lyrics ring reminiscent of an almost Bono-rific ability to croon and swoon. “Ordinary People,” the largest departure for Grundler but still no vacation, takes the now standard Interpol hit-pause chord progression and capes it in reverb drenched harmonies that would make any ordinary person stop to ponder the possibility of being saved. The possible Top 40 hit, “This Time” is really a warning that after years of being in the wrong place at the wrong time there are good things that come to those who wait.

The standout song on Splinters Out, “Criminal,” wanders through forgiveness and longing for love once had. Though Grundler sings of his innocence it is simple to envision the forsaken lover in his cell with only his memories of the love he has lost and a hope to make it all right. The song borrows from classic Beach Boys chord progressions and elements of Motown linger throughout the songs lyrics. And as for irony, the song’s “wall of sound” production is enough to make the suspected criminal and Let It Be guru, Phil Spector blush.

The Splinters Out EP is largely a collection of songs that the band has been showcasing in LA over the last year. Though it is a demonstration of Grundler’s ability to keep his audience focused he does sometimes fall short. “How Long” teeters on the fence between heartfelt and whiny, eventually falling before it makes it to the end. Fortunately these trivialities don’t take away from Golden State’s reputation of Los Angeles’ most unknown rock treasure. With the exclusion on the EP of the live staple “River Runs Dry” (quite possibly the strongest rock song Grundler has ever written) Golden State makes it known that they still have plenty of arsenal in their war on music.


Check out Golden State live:

2/13/06 – Viper Room
3/4/06 – Hotel Cafe

Golden State on MySpace

Buy the Splinters Out EP here

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Bands to check out on myspace

Myspace Music has done wonders for getting small bands exposed to broader audiences, but it is nearly impossible to just sign on and find quality music. Here is a short list of bands and solo artist that are off the radar, but making some great music:

1) Airplanes Landing on Foreheads: So I'm totally bias since this is my roommate and co-creator of Rewriteable, but his stuff is great so you should come check it out. As of late he has taken some insane musical leaps so stay tuned for some new tunes sure to blow your socks off. Check out "Brazil" first for sure.

2) So Very Ugly: This is a band from my hometown (Orange County). They are making some great music in the vein of Seatle's The Blood Brothers. If you know me, you kn0w I love The BB so these boys are a welcome addition to my music catalogue. The best part about this band is that they don't limit their sound to one style, but seem to be constantly looking for new musical roads to travel down (i.e. Great Shave). I'm really excited to see an official release from So Very Ugly sometime soon, but for now all you get are four sweet songs.

3) The Matachine: I fell upon this band while chatting about music with Shane from So Very Ugly. Here's another group that isn't content with one sound. The 6 song EP is extremely scattered (I mean that in a good way) so it will be interesting to see what direction they take once they lay down a full LP. I hear a few different influences in their music, Black Eyes (Dischord Records) definitely being one of them.

My 4 and 5 would be Alex Gardener and Dave Robison, but neither of them have music up right now so unless you come to our Apartment Concert you'll have to wait a while to hear these fine chaps.

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The Cloud Room @ the Echo
Here's your chance to see the band that wrote the biggest hit ( Pitchfork) that never was. Hopefully this next time around the boys that got overplayed on everybody's iPods (except Clear Channel's) will turn a couple more heads and win a few new hearts when they make a stop at the Echo next Monday.

And if you don't have anything planned for your sweetheart for Valentine's Day than this show will surely warm her up and get her head on your shoulder (hint hint - good date show).

For a little listen of the hit that never was follow the link below.

The Cloud Room - "
Hey Now Now"
2/13/06 - the Echo

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Personal Rant...

I hate Coffee Bean. I'm so sick of everyone dissing Starbucks for their corporate gooniness. At least they make a good cappuccino! Coffee Bean has the exact world take-over aspirations as Starbucks, but are failing for one simple reason: they make a inferior product. I ask for foam they give me sudsy bath water.

Ok, so fuck the coffee, lets move onto pastries. This is a gimmie category. Basically all they have to do is restock the displays every morning and they're all set, but alas they fail here as well.

Here is a visual display:


Coffee Bean's attempt at a fresh bagel
Moral to this story: My office needs to stop going to Coffee Bean.

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Apartment Concert!

Everytime I turn around a friend has written another beautiful song that basically no one will ever hear, and I'm sick of being the only greedy listener. So here is the plan. Listen up because it's going to involve you too. I have decided that I want these people in my life (namely Jon, Natalie, Alex and Dave) to come play an acoustic show at my apartment. It will just be a nice evening of hanging out, drinking and music. No cover charge, no crappy dj - just the goods.

I hope there is someone else out there that thinks this is a good idea, because I'm pretty sure it's fucking brilliant.

Just saw Alex and Dave play Live Jazz tonight and, although I thought the place was so so at best, Alex and Dave played an amazing set and showed a degree of talent unmatched by the other bands we saw. Unfortunately neither of them have any completed recording as of yet, but they are hard at work so we'll keep you posted.

If you like the show idea write us a comment on our myspace. http://myspace.com/rewriteablecontent

Good night.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Chad Vangaalen dropping in next week
After seeing Chad Vangaalen open up for Wolf Parade last month I was eager to see what would come from our fair voiced guitar plucker who carried the whole stage under that brittle figure of his.

It seems Chad is keeping himself busy on the road opening up for Mason Jennings who just happens to be coming through town next week with a stop at the Troubadour. The Troubadour show is sold out but you can catch Mr. Vangaalen croon the kids over at UCLA next Monday with a free show in Bruin Plaza. Did I say free? (Shh its supposed to be just for students but I won't tell if you won't.)

Give the boy a listen over at his Myspace

2/13/06 - UCLA Bruin Plaza (Free Show) 12-1pm
2/17/06 - Troubadour (opening for Mason Jennings) SOLD OUT

Natalie Citro contributed to this post.

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Wayne discusses new Flaming Lips album in depth
So how many of you can't wait to see Christmas on Mars? Yeah me too, but guess what - it's been about a thousand years and who knows if Wayne will ever release it. In the mean time lets all enjoy a new Flaming Lips album. At War With The Mystics was kept relatively under wraps until Wayne just went ahead and spilled the beans.

Check out his play by play commentary of the new album here. (now Mary will keep reading the site)

"The W.A.N.D.", The Lips first single off Mystics can be purchased off itunes or stolen from your local Russian download site. Your choice.

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Test Icicles staying together?

The fate of Test Icicles still hangs in the balance apparently, since I just got a Myspace bulletin saying that they plan on playing some festivals in April and then deciding where to go with the band. This is an update from earlier news about them breaking up in March. As usual The Content will keep you posted.

related posts: Test Icicles Rumored to Split.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

CYHSY live show

Brooklyn Vegan just posted a link for a Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah show.

If you want to go directly to the link click here (Just remember to right click and "save target as").

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Alex and Dave = Rock Gods
These two gentlemen are good friends of mine and happen to be playing a show tomorrow evening in the always lovely Downtown LA. They both play a mean acoustic guitar so don't miss out.

February, 8 2006 at The Cocaine at Live Jazz:
366 E. 2nd street,
los angeles,, CA 90012
Cost: $5

A Happy Death - 9pm
Alex Gardener (of SomeKindOfLove) - 9:45pm
Soapbox Roulette - 10:30pm
Silence Is Treason - 11:15pm

Check out the boys respective myspace pages David Sinclair Robison (Happy Death), and Alex Gardener (S.K.O.L)

For more info on the venue check out http://www.myspace.com/thecocaine

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Another day, another canceled Cat Power tour...

The queen of awkward stage presence just took herself out of the equation today - canceling her US tour.

Matador stated, "out of respect for Chan's privacy, we can't give more detailed information, but we hope and assume that you'll respect her privacy during this time as well." So don't bother her about it because that's just not cool.

Cross it off the calendar:
02-22 Los Angeles, CA - Wilshire Ebell

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs revamp website, the Gold Lion is found.
After many months of silence http://www.yeahyeahyeahs.com/ has come out of hibernation with a fancy little web design.

They also have a few shows coming up that you can't go to:
Hoboken, NJ , United States SOLD OUT!
Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY , United States SOLD OUT!
Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY , United States SOLD OUT!
Logan Square Auditorium
Chicago, IL , United States SOLD OUT!
Bimbo's 365 Club
San Francisco, CA , United States SOLD OUT!
Bimbo's 365 Club
San Francisco, CA , United States SOLD OUT!
Camber Sands
UK, United Kingdom
ATP Festival. More info at

The good news is that you can stream there new single "Gold Lion" via the site.

The better news is that we've got it for download right here... "Gold Lion" mp3

Related posts: Anticipated Albums of 2006


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Monday, February 06, 2006

Clear Channel changes name, Satan gets his groove back.

I'm not going to pretend like I discovered this story a la K-Cal Action News. I actually just went to Tiny Mix Tape and read it.

With a tricky slide of the hand, the big monster in black (Clear Channel) has started a new company called Live Nation. This way no one will suspect that one large company is taking over every source of communication. In a similar move President Bush adopts a new military organization called The Independent Contractors - denies any connection with US Army.

These rich people have got more moves then Reggie Bush.

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Support KCRW
It took me nearly the entire pledge drive to subscribe to NPR / KCRW, but yesterday I finally bit the bullet and paid my 50 bucks. Anyone that enjoys independent music, news and wants to stick it to the man (i.e. Clear Channel ) better be a member by 7 PM tonight (end of the pledge drive) or your punishment will be listening to 102.7 for an entire year while reading US Weekly (yes that is punishment. God who reads this thing?)

go to http://kcrw.com/ or turn the ol' radio dial to 89.9

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Anticipated Albums of 2006(a mini list):

1. Radiohead

2. Tool

3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4. Mogwai (already have it...shhhh)

5. Death From Above 1979

6. The Rapture (saw them in December - lots of new stuff. Brilliant.)

7. Built to Spill

I'll get back to this one, but suffice to say 2006 is going to be a great year.

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Sigur Ros New EP
Not only do we get to see our favorite Icelandic boys come back to Cali to perform at this years Coachella festival, but we also get to hear some new music in an extended EP for the the new single off Takk - "Sæglópur."

According to the bands
"An extended Sæglópur ep is set for release in the spring. Sigur Rós have recorded four new songs to appear on the ep, which can be described as being somewhere in between ba ba ti ki di do, untitled #9 and the end of glósóli (only coruscating)." Sounds like its going to be pretty bangin' if you know what I mean.

Here is the b-side off the "Hoppípolla" single entitled "Hafsól." If the song sounds familiar it is because it has been a live favorite for some time. Sigur Rós can't get anymore inventive than playing bass with a drumstick (or maybe they did when they played ballet shoes on the Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do EP).

Sigur Ros - "Hafsol" (file on rapidshare, click the free download button and wait for the 25 seconds to elapse to download - enjoy)

4/29/06 - Coachella Valley Music Festival

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Magnet coming to LA - finally
After picking up a Russian NME in a Novosibirsk metro a few years back I came across a review for Magnet's On Your Side. Being enthused by the review, I searched out On Your Side upon my return to the states only to find that it hadn't yet been released in the US. The months past and little by little Magnet (who is Norwegian singer/songwriter Even Johansen's moniker) was picked up on the new music radar and was asked to perform on KEXP and KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic whose host, Nic Harcourt, called On Your Side one of the best albums of 2004. Being blown away by the live versions of his songs, based around a steal lap guitar coupled with flerby reverb and delay, I couldn't wait to see a performance of the man I had heard about for so long.

After missing shows at the Troubadour and the Viper Room over the last couple years Magnet is finally returning to the states and is making a stop here in LA.

Here is one of the key tracks off Magnet's new album The Tourniquet (out this spring but already available on iTunes).

Magnet - "Hold On"

3/7/06 - Troubadour (opening for Isobell Campbell) (
3/14/06 -
Hotel Cafe

If you want to hear a snippet of Magnet's live show take a listen to his live EP on iTunes or
here at KCRW.

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