Thursday, February 09, 2006

Apartment Concert!

Everytime I turn around a friend has written another beautiful song that basically no one will ever hear, and I'm sick of being the only greedy listener. So here is the plan. Listen up because it's going to involve you too. I have decided that I want these people in my life (namely Jon, Natalie, Alex and Dave) to come play an acoustic show at my apartment. It will just be a nice evening of hanging out, drinking and music. No cover charge, no crappy dj - just the goods.

I hope there is someone else out there that thinks this is a good idea, because I'm pretty sure it's fucking brilliant.

Just saw Alex and Dave play Live Jazz tonight and, although I thought the place was so so at best, Alex and Dave played an amazing set and showed a degree of talent unmatched by the other bands we saw. Unfortunately neither of them have any completed recording as of yet, but they are hard at work so we'll keep you posted.

If you like the show idea write us a comment on our myspace.

Good night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think it is the best idea. i'll bring food too. that cooked. i mean that i am going to cook.


12:33 AM  

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