Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jonah spends the evening with his fans, we forget camera
When I left the Troubadour last night I held inside me all the reasons why I love live music. I don't think I can quite describe those feelings, but I think it has a lot to do with marking that unique moment in time and the honesty and openness of a great musician. When it comes to freedom and compassion, there is no better musician out there than Jonah Matranga. Who else has fans that come to their 20th show just to hangout with Jonah for the evening? There is no backstage on a Jonah tour. He is at the merch booth all night, and is one of the nicest people you'll ever come across.

The show was an amazing blend of his patented solo work (long talking interludes and all), a full band performance of none other than Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone"( probably the greatest thing I saw all night - yes I said it Natalie), and an acapella ending of some old Onelinedrawing songs.

So that is an hour and a half of music right there, but Jonah was having such a great time that he promised a sidewalk show after the Troubadour closed. At about 12:45 a group of fifteen made our way to the center grass area of Santa Monica Blvd and heard four more songs, huddled in a tight circle to keep warm.

(a similar sidewalk show at Chain Reaction)

Coming back to the "unique moment in time" statement above, I think a night like this is a great reminder of how special these experiences are, and how powerful nostalgia is. Even at the show I was already thinking about how important this moment will be for me in twenty years. How I will be able to talk to my kids about this amazing night at the Troubadour with Jonah Matranga. Maybe history will have made him a music icon by then or perhaps just pushed him under the rug, but either way I will still have that experience to share.


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