Thursday, December 13, 2007

Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew – Spirit If…

It’s interesting how Kevin Drew, the mastermind/co-founder/baby genius behind the Broken Social Scene phenomena, is taking stock in the BSS Corporation by giving the brand name band a sponsorship role in the release of his new album. It’s a pretty straightforward marketing ploy on Drew’s part but it’s not an unjustifiable gesture. Spirit If… plays under the same umbrella as its parent company but without much of the bravado and side stepping through genre and songwriting identities that the previous BSS albums have done. But there in lies the paradox with this whole Spirit If… project where guest appearances come from many of those who frequent the amoeba like organism that is Broken Social Scene. Is it another BSS album that just got stamped with an ego trip of a title or is it truly a solo effort that the title somewhat suggests? Fortunately at the end of the day I’m not finding myself hitting my head against the curb as I try to make ends meet in the soundness of my little paradoxical observation. I’m just stoked there are some new kick ass tunes to make me feel something.

[mp3] Kevin DrewBack Out On The...

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Akron/Family – Love Is Simple

My introduction to Akron/Family came from a fellow student as she shared the infectious haunts of “Raising the Sparks” through a single headphone speaker. The post lecture hall listening party hardly did justice to the song that she was eager to title as “song of the year”. But despite my less than appropriate listening environment, this situation proved a stepping stone for my conversion and imminent love affair with the tribal pop chorals of Akron/Family’s creative gems.

On their new release, Akron/Family is found shifting to the sounds of a slightly different tune as they proclaim their new mantra in the appropriately titled Love Is Simple. The album is filled with love songs that incorporate lyrics that some have found to be a tad on the sappy but can easily be translated as a reflection of a mere fun, nonchalant side of the band that seems to be coming out more than on previous recordings. The brilliant “Ed Is A Portal” follows suit in the Akron/Family canon of tribal pop chaos with an open house choral arrangement and kitchen sink percussion that ends in a summation that makes a pretty steady trajectory toward camp Elephant 6. Though Love Is Simple is fairly complex in its arrangements it is a lighthearted ride through the typically depressing genre of love song sing alongs that conclusively triumphs in it the albums overall intentions.

[mp3] Akron/Family - Ed Is A Portal
[mp3] Akron/Family - Phenomena

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