Thursday, February 23, 2006

Spartan Fidelity to release new album (finally)

Having a song on the Grammy award winning Garden State soundtrack, and the song "Save Me" being the theme to Smallville, you would think that most people have heard of Remy Zero by now. But what they might not know is that Remy Zero disbanded and each member went off to focus on their own projects. Luckily the heart of the band, Cinjun and Shelby Tate, joined together to form Spartan Fidelity, a side project that takes the emotion of Remy Zero with the experimentality of a non-label artist.

Way back in 2003, Spartan Fidelity self released Excava-11, the first in a three part installment that would be released by the end of the year; yet, unfortunately no follow up to Excava-11 ever came. A three song B-sides EP was released in early 2004, but that has been it until just recently news of a new album on the horizon and snippets of new songs arrived at there

With only a hand full of appearances to date we should see the Tate brothers coming back to West LA sometime soon.

Remy Zero - "Oil On Water" (dead link sorry kids)


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