Saturday, February 25, 2006

Myspace to Spyspace

For all of you creepers, trolls, stalkers, and freaks out there a big BEWARE comes to you from the Content. It seems that every pedophiles worst nightmare has come true with the creation of Spyspace a program that tracks who, what, when, and where someone checks out your Myspace profile.

Unfortunately the older Spyspace trackers are being blocked from use on Myspace, but fortunately they have come up with better models that are not yet being blocked to protect our younglings from being peered upon by all those Manson-Gayce-Dahmers.

Basically only available on
eBay (between $2 and $10+) you can get an account within the day to start protecting yourself from the Myspace generation. Or you could just cancel your account and call your friends up on the phone for once. Just a thought.


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