Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Thunderbirds are Now (at Spaceland)!

It's not a Thunderbirds show without a lot of dancing and a blown up car. Well let me tell you - it was in fact a true Thunderbirds show.

Rocking down the 101 in Jon's Volvo, Silverlake quickly approaching, it seemed like the makings for a great night until smoke started flowing from the Volvo's hood. Being the hardcore fans that we are, Jon and I said screw it, parked the car and walked to the show. No anti-freeze leak was going to keep us from Thunderbirds.

As expected the Thunderbirds kicked major ass, danced in the crowd and even made a makeshift tent under Spaceland's curtains. Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav) was there, although I was too scared to go up and meet him.

Oh yeah did I tell you the show was FREE? You just can't beat a free Spaceland show every Monday. Check out their upcoming calendar

So we got back to the car and tried to drive home on the freeway going 40 mph, but soon found ourselves stuck in Crenshaw. Several bums and a middle eastern mechanic (on a bike) later we casually cruised back into our apartment parking lot (white smoke billowing for all to see).
You can't buy a night like that.

*all photos by BWH and THEKING


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