Thursday, February 09, 2006

Personal Rant...

I hate Coffee Bean. I'm so sick of everyone dissing Starbucks for their corporate gooniness. At least they make a good cappuccino! Coffee Bean has the exact world take-over aspirations as Starbucks, but are failing for one simple reason: they make a inferior product. I ask for foam they give me sudsy bath water.

Ok, so fuck the coffee, lets move onto pastries. This is a gimmie category. Basically all they have to do is restock the displays every morning and they're all set, but alas they fail here as well.

Here is a visual display:


Coffee Bean's attempt at a fresh bagel
Moral to this story: My office needs to stop going to Coffee Bean.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate Coffee Bean, too.
I decided to give it a try when at Starbucks wasn't right at hand. I ordered an iced latte. Disgust is what I got.

Their espresso isn't near what Starbucks is. They flavor theirs with like a chocolate or vanilla overtone, which is what really upset me. I'm a purist. I don't do perfumy flavored coffees.

I actually worked at a Starbucks for a bit and was really impressed with their quality standards. Sure, they might be making a killing. But the whipped cream they use is real whipped cream. Not Reddiwhip or anything like.

They really make sure that you are schooled in the ways of the espresso and know how to drop a proper shot and foam a latte without scalding the milk. Its all strangely an art.

7:02 PM  
Blogger SAB said...

Same here. On my first visit, I ordered what the barista told me was a drink that tasted just like Nutella when it just tasted like watered down chocolate. Had my second visit to Coffee Bean and my boyfriend and I got kicked out for having non-kosher drinks. I didn't even know that existed. My boyfriend was just asking for an extra cup because he dropped his and the cup cracked. So he had to toss his out while I had to stand outside in the cold and finish 16 oz. of boba. The cashier that told us to leave wasn't even nice about it. So...NEVER going into one ever again.

Starbucks all the way! The prices may be high, but they at least know how to make coffee. People may complain that the espresso tastes burnt, but that only happens when someone who doesn't know what they're doing is making it. I've worked there for a couple years, and I really like the way the drink recipes are set up and the ingredients that go into them.

3:03 AM  

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