Wednesday, October 31, 2007

just cause we love

[mp3] Liars - House Clouds (demo)

get the rest of the free sessions EP here

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Contest: Tickets to Sigur Ros (acoustic performance / "Heima" screening)!

We love giving away limited edition 7"s and all, but this contest is the real deal - 2 exclusive tickets to see Sigur Ros perform acoustically, followed by the screening of "Heima."

The event will be held at the always lovely Vista Theater in Silver Lake, on November 1st (doors @ 7pm / show @ 8pm). All you have to do is drop your name/email in the comment box or send us an email to

Don't miss out, this should be an amazing evening with Iceland's finest! We will be contacting the winner on Weds night.

Info about "Heima"

[mp3] Sigur Ros - Staralfur (acoustic)

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Saul Williams - Niggy Tardust

The dominoes continue to fall - Saul Williams just announced that he will be making his latest LP, The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust, available online for free with non-DRM or for a $5 donation. As an incentive to support Saul, the $5 donation will give you access to 320 kbit/s or FLAC files, while the free version is 192kbit/s. A great move for those left annoyed by the lower quality of In Rainbows.

Go to Saul Williams official site to pre-register for the album!

Niggy Tardust will be out Nov. 1st.

Track Listing:
Black History Month
Convict Colony
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Scared Money
Skin of a Drum
No One Ever Does
Banged and Blown Through
Raised to be Lowered
The Ritual

[mp3] Saul Williams - The Pledge of Resistance

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Eddie Vedder - Into the Wild

Eddie Vedder's continued relevance in both music and society leaves him peerless. Vedder's work with Pearl Jam is built around refusing others expectations, and it has placed them ahead of the pack for the last seventeen years. Sean Penn is a talent that cannot be stopped. Within the last decade he has insured his position in the canon of legendary actors, and begun to explore his role as screenwriter/ director. Together, Vedder and Penn have captured the ideology, beauty and tragedy of a life not meant for the set path.

Into the Wild finds its balance by alternating between scenes of extreme isolation, and empathetic slices of society. The moments of beautiful scenery and exploration are a perfect canvas for musici
ans, and Eddie Vedder takes full advantage of the opportunity. Songs like "No Ceiling" and "Society" take me immediately back into the film, and stir up the same emotions. It's truly an auditory journey through the tale of Christopher McCandless. Read the book, watch the film, hear the album.

[www] Eddie Vedder - Society


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Cave Singers - Invitation Songs

I never made it on to the Pretty Girls Make Graves train. There were a few songs that made it through my ear canals but nothing stuck to the walls. It’s a usual plague in this blog-o-world of bands and songs that are all begging for your attention and in turn some artists deservedly get more iPod play than others.

Luckily the new songs from former Pretty Girls Make Graves bassist, Derek Fudesco, under the new band moniker The Cave Singers, came at the right moment to grab my attention. The appeal to the Cave Singers’ sound may quite possibly be due to the changing seasons as we slowly descend through the autumn months into the impending winter chill. The Cave Singers have this pleasant, sepia tinged timbre that has made for some perfect early morning riser tunes. Looks like I have myself a new wake up song.

10/23/07 - the Echo (w/ Black Mountain) (tix)

[mp3] The Cave SingersSeeds Of Night


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Monday, October 08, 2007

KXLU saves radio / gives me free tickets

KXLU is the only radio station in Los Angeles worth a damn, and they just further proved that by handing me a pair of tickets to Battles and No Age at the Henry Fonda.

It was an epic battle of timing and strategy, but after an early jump as caller #1 - I solidified my fate by being the golden 5th caller. Boo ya! Anyways, I really just wanted a reason to promote KXLU (88.9 for you LA dwellers), and two bands stuck on repeat in my ipod.

listen to KXLU online here Donate to the station here

See Battles/No Age:
10/30/07 - Henry Fonda

[mp3] Battles - Atlas
[mp3] No Age - Boy Void

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

RC's Podcast Episode #1 - Firepower

The RC podcast series has official begun... please enjoy the sounds.

[mp3] Rewriteable Content Episode #1 - Firepower

Jay Dee - Kanye West - Liars Dan Deacon - Oh No - Parts & Labor - Animal Collective - The Black Lips -Ernie and the Top Notes Inc - Gang Gang Dance - No Age - Eskimohunter - Justice - Crystal Castles - Eric Copeland - Handsome Furs

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