Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wilderness getting wild @ the Echo
Finally its time to get wild. Pitchfork described them as being something like Johnny Rotten being backed by Explosions in the Sky. I picture them more as an electrical storm dancing on pins and needles. Whatever floats your boat, right?

After an impressive and critically acclaimed debut (except for Q's review - bloody Brits don't know)
Wilderness is returning with their second installment of listening delectibles entitled Vessel States which will be dropped on April 11 through Jagjaguwar. I guess that gives us enough time to breath over their last album, hold our breath over the released single "Emergency," and then be saved by the album when it finally makes it to our hands. Hopefully by that time we won't be to far underwater, but if so we can find solace in Wilderness' live show at the Echo.

Enjoy the new song and go and get tickets before all the beasts come out and eat 'em all up. Yum.

Wilderness - "

4/28/06 - the Echo (w/ Year Future, Parts and Labor) (


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