Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mice Parade @ The Echo

So our good friend Brady Flynn is a photographer and will be helping out with our live reviews. Here is a review he wrote for the recent Mice Parade show as well as some lovely photos. Enjoy.

Mice Parade played a show at The Echo, last Thurs. Feb 23rd along with another great performer, Tom Brosseau. Mice Parade has an eclectic sound, mellow yet intense, soft at times, yet hard during others. The six piece band has a full sound, with a jazzy influence. Led by New Yorker Adam Pierce, Mice Parade takes you through a whole range of emotions. Adam at times uses his seat ( a box ) as his drum, he switches to his guitar, then to the back of the stage onto the second drum set. The drumming in the band is one of its stronger points and live, it's remarkable.

Tom Brosseau, who opened up for Mice Parade, has a sweet, angelic like voice. Johnny Cash has had a major influence on Tom, but he would have sung June Carter's part in the duo. Tom's voice is his strength and sets him apart from many of the solo artists on the market. A friend of his, Angie, came out and sang with him through the second half of his set - another resemblence of Johnny Cash and June Carter. They perform as a duet at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles and they call themselves 'Les Sherrys' (pronounced with a French accent) - also worth checking out. - Braedon

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