Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Walkmen reveal Tracklist, not to be played on Walkman

How many times were these guys on the OC? I think it was more than once. Luckily they are pretty damn good or I might of had to flush them down the toilet. Anyway here are a couple of news bits that won't help you listen to the album, but give you a sense of... mmm... well basically nothing. I hate when we just get tracklists. I can't hear tracklists.

Hundred Miles

01 Louisiana
02 Danny's at the Wedding
03 Good for You's Good for Me
04 Emma, Get Me a Lemon
05 All Hands and the Cook
06 Lost in Boston
07 Don't Get Me Down (Come on Over Here)
08 This Job Is Killing Me
09 Tenley Town
10 Brandy Alexander
11 Always After You (‘Til You Started After Me)
12 Another One Goes By
A Hundred Miles Off was recorded

This bad boy will be with you just in time for summer: May 23rd.

Don't forget to come to Coachella and hear some new songs before you get to own them.


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