Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Serena Maneesh will melt your face

It's the same thing everytime: a tingle starts swirling in my stomach, my blood begins to pump a little faster, and a smile sits plastered across my face. Anytime this sequence occurs, it is a clear sign that I have seen a fantastic concert. Tonight I added another step to this process: endless babble after the show trying to pin down the experience in words.

Paying homage to my life mentor Stephen Colbert - it's time for tonight's word... Had to be there. It's often seen as a copout to say something is too great to be explained in words; however, then you'd be pissing on the likes of Wordsworth and Coleridge. Bad move. If we look back to the English literature of the 18th century, we see a strong tradition of Romanticism, where authors sought to uncover the sublime. Stop singing "What I Got" right now. These scribes wrote about objects that didn't have physical properties in nature. WMDs? They were careful not to define these objects/feelings, because something sublime is said to be indefinable. By calling something indefinable aren't you defining it? Gotcha! The only true way to capture this enlightened state is by being present in the sublimity. So all I can say about the Serena Maneesh show is you had to be there.. and that is tonight's word.

On a less evasive note, the Serena Maneesh show was quite a mindblowing and eardrum killing experience. Each band member had their own unique style (reference the photos for evidence), but were able to gel into a cohesive wall of sound. The mood of the show was a cross between My Bloody Valentine shoegaze sway and Velvet Underground shred.

To top off the supreme performance, both Kerwin and I were able to personally thank each member of the band. It's amazing what genuinely nice people that are. Walking down Silverlake Blvd. on the way back to the car, it was clear that Spaceland had witnessed something special. It felt like the beginning of something, which is always inspiring.


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