Monday, February 20, 2006

The (almost) Perfect CD

I once heard US Weekly described as "media crack." To the same extent I think that Popular Mechanics is chocolate for the techie soul. They got some crazy gadgets in that mag.

Well I am not a techie by any means but I was flipping through PM the other day and came across something that might be fairly valid to the music lover. It seems that they have come out with the perfect CD-R that is (almost) scratch proof. According to PM:

"The polymer coating on
Scratch-Less Disc CD-Rs prevents minor scratches, but the real innovation is the elevated inner ring and row of bumps along the disc's outer edge. The new shape adds about 0.5mm of height to the disc, keeping the fragile underside from touching any surface it falls on or scrapes across."

Basically they are parent proof because we all know the baby boomers don't know how to take care of their digital property. Anyways, they are $13.49 for a spindle of 10 discs but what is that worth when you are protecting your
Jeff Mangum mp3s from your grandparents ignorant claws?


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