Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Explosions In The Sky Need to Take a Nap

Those poor Texans. During their hibernation they forgot how hard it was to travel across the country playing post-rock anthems to all those nodding heads and silent feet. Luckily for them we here on the west coast appreciate every nano second of EITS’s three man lumberjack-guitar-attack enough to fill up two nights at the beloved Troubadour this past weekend.

Too bad for those that showed up on Saturday the boys were too exhausted from their Friday night performance to run through their supposed live staple, “Memorial,” (the one where they actually look like unified lumberjacks attacking the pine ridden stage and you literally, rather than metaphorically, drop your jaw in awe).

Watching Munaf tape an E-bow to his guitar and then bang his jingle bells to smithereens on the stage was almost enough to offset the absence of some key songs from night one; however, for fans that were a tad bit let down by Saturday’s slim set, the availability of EITS's new EP “The Rescue” (previously a mail-order only release) surely helped ease a few souls.

“The Rescue,” is 8 tracks written, recorded, and mixed over a two week period earlier this year for
Temporary Residence’s Travels in Constants series. It’s good, and should hold over any EITS fan while the boys go back into their Texas hideaway to record the new album. Hopefully they’ll be able to get some sleep when they return.

And since we’re all so generous here at the Content, we want to give you a nice little taste of what you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else. Here you go, cuz it’s all you get until the next album.

Day Six (MP3)

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