Friday, June 23, 2006

Jimmy Gnecco of Ours @ Knitting Factory

Distorted Lullabies was a perfect title for Ours’ debut album. Those two words captured the essence of Ours’ sound, a mixture of nightmares sung by angels; a voice that could have equal presence among heavenly messengers as it could unleashing the most unearthly screams human ears have come into contact with. With a voice as operatic as anything in the last quarter century, Jimmy Gnecco, the singer/songwriter and main piece of Ours, could be Jeff Buckley’s long lost brother, Freddie Mercury’s estranged son, all funneled through the lifeblood of Bono. Hyperbole much? If you have heard him, then you understand. If you haven’t, then you have your chance to redeem yourself.

This coming Wednesday, June 28, Jimmy Gnecco will be performing a very special solo acoustic show at the very intimate AlterKnit lounge at the Knitting Factory. Jimmy’s special solo shows are among my most cherished concert experiences. I only wish more had the opportunity to take part in it. After working with Rick Rubin over the last year or so on Ours’ new album, this little gig will be a great way to get to preview the new songs that the band has been prepping.

Here is a tune from one of Jimmy’s solo shows, an unreleased tune that captures the hopeful haunt that Jimmy has become known for.

[mp3] OursI Heard You Singing (Live)

06/28/06 – Knitting Factory (tix)


Anonymous ryan said...

nice tip, that should be a hot show. last time i tried to see the gnecco @ hotel cafe, line wrapped around the block. (this was before they'd expanded the venue)...we had to wait 'til halftime to gain admittance.

9:20 PM  

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