Sunday, September 30, 2007

Radiohead LP7 - In Rainbows

I just received a strange and wonderful email from the fine people at W.A.S.T.E., which informed me that Radiohead's 7th LP will in fact see the light of day in 2007. While the December 3rd release of the In Rainbows DiscBox is amazing news, the fact that I can download it on October 10th for free (transaction fee?) is beyond fantastic news!

Go explore the site for yourself and watch out for that 40 pound price tag on the box set - ouch.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Contest: Fader Limited Edition 7-inch

The single printing, 500 copy Fader/Southern Comfort 7" strikes again! This time the waxed culprits are Busy P and DJ Blaqstarr, with tracks "Pedrophilia" and "I Can Feel It In the Air."

Summer may be over, but it doesn't mean you need to put your dance music in hibernation!

Send us an email ( or post a comment w/ your name and email address to be enrolled in the drawing.


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Friday, September 21, 2007

Concert Pirates – Wolf Parade @ the El Rey 09/13/07

(photo cred Pitchfork. Check out more pictures from the show here.)

Last week the Content paraded our way through the El Rey Theater, our boots lined with microphones and recording equipment, ready to record the handful of post-Apologies Wolf Parade tunes that awaited all our eager ears. The resulting show, despite the usual Spencer Krug technical difficulty that has become mainstay at Sunset/Parade shows, was an exciting unveiling of tunes that are sure to accompany the release of the next Wolf Parade album. Forget the review; just listen to the s
how below.

DISCLAIMER: All new song titles have been attributed to the Content’s keen sense of guesstimation and are by no means the actual song titles of the following tracks. Just blame it on the “security” guard for not letting us near the stage to get the set list. Together now, virtual fist shake at all those supposed safety enforcing yellow shirts! (But if you could help us out it would be appreciated.)

[mp3] Wolf ParadeEvery Road (Live) *new song
[mp3] Wolf ParadeDear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts (Live)
[mp3] Wolf ParadeDesert Song (Live) *new song
[mp3] Wolf ParadeTelephone (Live) *new song
[mp3] Wolf ParadeWe Built Another World (Live)
[mp3] Wolf ParadeNature of the Game (Live) *new song
[mp3] Wolf ParadeShine A Light (Live)
[mp3] Wolf ParadeRadio Song (Live) *new song
[mp3] Wolf ParadeIts A Curse (Live)
[mp3] Wolf ParadeFine Young Cannibals (Live) *new song
[mp3] Wolf ParadeRunner/Fancy Claps (Live)
[mp3] Wolf ParadeLong Song (Live) *new song
[mp3] Wolf ParadeThis Hearts On Fire (Live)
[mp3] Wolf ParadeHappy Birthday/I'll Believe In Anything (Live)

[zip] Wolf ParadeFull Show (Live @ El Rey 9/13/07)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gang Gang Dance - RAWWAR

Maybe the sewers of Manhattan are frot with alligators, and Benny Profane* was right to hunt them. Anything seems possible in a city, so electric, it beckons artists from around the globe to come and create work void of social norms. I'm thinking of Excepter, Spike Lee, Animal Collective and of course the list goes on, but we'll finish on Gang Gang Dance. While not all these artists were born in New York, the draw that lead them to the city is the main fascination.

In 2005, I gave God's Money a good long listen. I did my best to soak in its alien qualities, and its fractured presentation; however, I was always left as a passive observer - admiring but absent. It's been a long two years, and music has shaped in a way that opens the doors for Gang Gang Dance (most apparent [in my life] the growth of Animal Collective). RAWWAR sounds more like an off beat, dance album than the occultic seance I recall from GGD's past effort. While this is a result of both GGD's melodic growth and my adjusted eardrums, it is also true that artists on the periphery always finds their way to the center, and it may just be Gang Gang Dance's day.

[mp3] Gang Gang Dance - Nicoman

from the Social Registry site:

[mp3] Gang Gang Dance - Nomad For Love (Cannibal)
[mp3] Gang Gang Dance - North Six 5/01/04

*protagonist in Thomas Pynchon's V

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hall & Oates @ Hollywood Bowl

Dear Mr. Daryl Hall,

You look like a Tiger. Your cascading mane brushed or tossed aside with emphasis during songs gives you the appearance of a mighty jungle cat. I imagine you and your soul brother John probably have several superhuman characteristics; because you are hit machines, and cannot be stopped by conventional methods (of modern love).

I have no desire to stop you. Your concert Saturday night was fantastic. Boy, have you guys still got it. You're consummate musicians, and classic rock n’ rollers - letting that music speak for itself, and occasionally letting Mr. Casual step forward for his saxophone solos. Mr. Casual has always been a really bitchin’ nickname. If you could relay to him that I think so.

Sometimes I think you are joking, like when you introduced Sara Smile as “a song about simplicity in a complicated world.” But you are not. I was wrong to think that. After listening again with opened ears, that’s what that song is about.

I wasn’t expecting the string arrangements on this tour. Smooth. They sounded especially hot on One On One, where “Oh Oh I could feel the magic of that touch.”

I was sorry we didn’t get to hear Private Eyes or Did It In A Minute... or Kiss Is On My List or Portable Radio... I guess you can’t play every song you’ve ever written every night, but I want you to know I wish you could.

I might have been as excited to see J.D. Ryznar (“Micheal McDonald” from internet TV’s Yacht Rock) there at the bowl as I was to see you guys. I knew the Yacht Rock guys would be in attendance, but fun to know we all enjoyed your performance together.

Anyway I’ll let you go. Congratulations on your recent appearance as World Music Jam Host in Flight Of The Conchords the other night. I always thought you were great offering sound advice on that episode of “Ed” all those years ago too. That was a good show.

Keep Haulin’ Oats in the tour bus!


[mp3] Hall & OatesRich Girl
[mp3] Hall & OatesPortable Radio

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Monday, September 17, 2007

I Feel So Break Up: The Eternal Nature of Sloop John B

When they say that (some) music is timeless I don’t think they were referring to the eternal regurgitation of classic songs, but maybe they were. Wouldn’t that make sense then that if a song makes it into the ‘timeless’ category then it should be able to be played in whatever era, far and removed from the breeding grounds where it was consummated? I guess that means that commercials will forever be dubbed over with Beatles cover bands and Southern California car ads ripping off “I Get Around” every June for their annual summer sales.

I have long been a fan of the classic “Sloop John B” that now eternally resides in the celestial garden of folk songs. The premiere example of Sloop John’s musical ability strikes most and is most recognizable as the seventh track and imminent roadblock to the near perfect Beach Boys’ pop masterpiece Pet Sounds. But many others have been attributed to their own versions (and titles) of the song, many before and after the Beach Boys version.

[mp3] The WeaversWreck Of The John B
[mp3] Van MorrisonI Wanna Go Home (feat. Lonnie Donegan)
[mp3] The Beach BoysSloop John B
[mp3] Dick Dale and the DeltonesSloop John B

On his new album, Elephant War, Deer Tick almost seamlessly works in the chord progression and small melodic phrases from the “John B” track into his “Dirty Dishes”. It isn’t a cover of the classic “Sloop John B” or even a ripoff of the more recognizable aspects of the original but rather an implementation of those timeless elements that make songs memorable and give listeners the ability to connect to a song. The only problem is that I am tirelessly awaiting the opportunity to sing the words “I wanna go home” at the end of each refrain but to no resolve.

[mp3] Deer TickDirty Dishes

But where Deer Tick shies away from allowing the listener to fully dig up the original roots of the song, Okkervil River cleverly maneuvers the theme and feel of “Sloop John B” into a completely original composition that culminates in a full out unearthing of the original “John B” but with a lyrical reinterpretation of the original. With Okkervil River’s previous album, Black Sheep Boy, being a concept album based around the re-imagining of the Tim Hardin folk classic “Black Sheep Boy”, it is no curiosity that the band chose to be less grandiose and formulate a song around another song rather than create an entire album around a single song.

[mp3] Okkervil River John Allyn Smith Sails

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wired Presents: Spoon w/ Kool Keith

How sweet is this photo? After a night at Nerdfest 2007 (not a diss - I'm including myself in that term) I've decided to take a step back off the 10 mega pixel, 4 foot telephoto lens approach to concert reporting. It's time to get back to the source, and I believe this photo translates as much energy, passion and beauty as any; however, something tells me Wired wouldn't agree with that statement above.

Walking into the Henry Fonda, the lobby was filled with an array of off-the-wall tech devices, which were meant as a preface for Wired Fest - happening this weekend at the LA Convention Center. I took a shot at MindBall and playing with the dancing yellow robots, before proceeding upstairs for a little open bar (gimme six Schlitzes!). I ran into a fellow nerd/friend Matt Rubin, and waited for what I imagined would be a special performance by Dr. Octagon aka Kool Keith. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and after 10 minutes of awkward rapping (and an even more awkward crowd), I retreated back up to the roof , not before tripping up the stairs and spilling my beer. The goons at the Henry Fonda (as I've probably stated before) are anti-fun and anti-gum, so I found it to be a bitter sweet crash.

At the considerate hour of 10pm, Spoon emerged onto the stage, and tore through a greatest hits set - interwoven with highlights from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. After a 1.5 hour assault, I left the show wishing every musician in the world had been crammed into the Fonda - just to understand what they are up against. Chances are 90% would have left ashamed at their own lack of effort and determination. I don't even play in a band, and I left embarrassed for not putting that kind of effort into my own projects. The one worry I was discussing with Mr. Brian Klein after the show was that many songs are indistinguishable from one another in style. The choppy guitars and tweaked vocals always get the job done, but could be a road block soon for the band. At the same time I love Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, and I'm convinced Brit and co will never stop writing amazing melodies. Case closed.

[mp3] Spoon - Don't Make Me a Target

Official Site | Myspace | More Mp3s | Emusic

*does anyone know the secret behind this photo?


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Monday, September 10, 2007

Old Animal Collective

With everybody and their mom already partaking in Animal Collective’s fantastic, yet to be released Strawberry Jam, it seems more appropriate to showcase some Animal Collective tunes that might actually be new to your ears than anything off the new album. Of course this post isn’t for those AC fans that have been faithful and tracked down every release from the band over the years but rather a chance for those that have brushed aside anything pre-Sung Tongs into some forgotten corner in their iTunes library. To be honest I haven’t paid as much attention to these releases until the recent and as I consider myself a supposed top notch AC fan it was a humbling experience to hear the progression of the band over the years.

“Doggy” appeared on Campfire Songs, a project that to
ok place on a summer porch some years ago between Avey Tare and Panda Bear. The songs are a lo-fi dream and a precursor to the sound that everyone would go bonkers over on Sung Tongs. It has the acoustic guitar/vocal harmony balance that I think mistakenly placed them under the new folk “movement” a few years ago. Its easy to think of Campfire Songs as a recital for the songwriting process that would create some of AC’s best songs on Sung Tongs.

[mp3] Animal CollectiveDoggy (from Campfire Songs)

“Slippi” might be as close to modern Animal Collective that old Animal Collective ever got. It’s a basic snapshot as to what was to come and gave us a blueprint as to the progression of the band’s sound. All of the now classic Avey screams as well as Panda Bear’s percussion gone minimally fantastic are in full show with enough dramatic horn samples that sees Panda Bear readying himself for his own Person Pitch.

[mp3] Animal CollectiveSlippi (from Here Comes The Indian)


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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Babyshambles - "The Lost Art of Murder"

Pete Doherty is every journalists greatest dream: a genius songwriter, bent on self destruction and public spectacle (ex: crashing Jaguars, painting with his own blood and openly discussing his drug addition). I've always done my best to push all public image under the rug, and focus on the phenomenal songwriting he's delivered in the last ten years, and while Down in Albion is crammed with so many moments of effortless magic, I worried I may never hear another proper album out of Babyshambles.

Fortunately, Babyshambles have been busy recording their second LP, Shotter's Nation, and will be releasing it on 10/01. With Stephen Street (Smiths, Blur) on the boards, "The Lost Art of Murder" showcases Street's ability to capture a cleaner sound without sacrificing any of Doherty's intimacy. It's as if Pete is unaware of a microphone or audience, allowing lyric and melody to escape him without filter. It reminds me of a beautifully tragic moment, in the infamous Youtube clip, of Pete strolling around his dismantled apartment playing an impromptu melody.

Preorder Shotter's Nation here

[stream] Delivery (video)
[stream] behind the scenes for Delivery video
[mp3] Babyshambles - The Lost Art of Murder

Tracklist w/ quotes from the band:

1. Carry On Up The Morning - (Adam "I had in mind a sort of early nineties hip hop or Soul 2 Soul type of groove.")

2. Delivery - (Drew "We feel that bands are too influenced by Americans. This is about Britain: 'grab a drink and go down town where all the mods and the skins will get together and pray it's 1969 forever' ")

3. You talk- (Drew "Peter wrote it in the Priory, I thought it sounded a bit like Nirvana's About A Girl at first")

4. Unbilotitled - (Adam "It's personal lyrics. It's the equivalent to Albion")

5. Side Of the Road - (Peter "A garagey song where we were trying to out white stripe the White Stripes")

6. Crumb Begging Baghead - (Adam "It's got a kind of stomping Stonesy kind of thing and elements of the Stone Roses")

7. Unstookietitled -(Drew "We took it from being a ballad/big rock sound live to something altogether different – and better – in the studio")

8. French Dog Blues - (Peter "He's the immortal character, he pops up all over the place in London on tube trains or old ladies' shopping baskets.")

9. There She Goes - (Drew "I saw a documentary and heard the producer talking about Walk On The Wild Side and I knew what kind of feel it should have")

10. Baddies Boogie - (Peter "A kind of baddy that comes good, like The A-Team")

11. Deft Left Hand - (Drew "It’s the Brit Pop song on the album it starts of sounding a bit like an Oasis song and then the verse comes in and it sounds like Blur.")

12. The Lost Art Of Murder - (Peter: "Bert Jansch used to pop round on Sunday afternoons")


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