Friday, February 03, 2006

Sigur Ros New EP
Not only do we get to see our favorite Icelandic boys come back to Cali to perform at this years Coachella festival, but we also get to hear some new music in an extended EP for the the new single off Takk - "Sæglópur."

According to the bands
"An extended Sæglópur ep is set for release in the spring. Sigur Rós have recorded four new songs to appear on the ep, which can be described as being somewhere in between ba ba ti ki di do, untitled #9 and the end of glósóli (only coruscating)." Sounds like its going to be pretty bangin' if you know what I mean.

Here is the b-side off the "Hoppípolla" single entitled "Hafsól." If the song sounds familiar it is because it has been a live favorite for some time. Sigur Rós can't get anymore inventive than playing bass with a drumstick (or maybe they did when they played ballet shoes on the Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do EP).

Sigur Ros - "Hafsol" (file on rapidshare, click the free download button and wait for the 25 seconds to elapse to download - enjoy)

4/29/06 - Coachella Valley Music Festival


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