Friday, August 24, 2007

Sigur Ros present Heima film + B-sides

Sigur Ros may be the benefactors of one of the most beautiful video catalogs in rock music. All of the band’s videos relay the epic landscape of their home in Iceland as well as incorporate the crisp scenic beauty that one is sure to find through any time spent out doors in the countryside. Sitting in isolation in the northern Atlantic, Iceland, as portrayed be Sigur Ros, can be a place rooted in mysticism, a description that is well fit for all those who tag on the word “alien” when they describe the band’s music. It is only appropriate then that a documentation of the band playing for the people in their homeland would consist of the same mesmerizing beauty and painstaking care that their previous filmed ventures have. Entitled Heima for “at home”, the film follows Sigur Ros as they play for their own people in arenas that span from grand productions in forest clearings to small acoustic reenactments as their audience sits upon a small gymnasium floor (and I thought my seats at the Hollywood Bowl were good). With the inclusion of the companion album Hvarf-Heim, it looks as though Heima will likely be the source for all those that need a little something to fill their Sigur Ros yearnings, aural or otherwise.

[mp3] Sigur RosO Fridur
[mp3] Sigur RosSigur 9 A
[mp3] Sigur RosFonklagi / The Funk Song (Live In Reykjavik 1998)
[mp3] Sigur RosRokklagi / The Rock Song (Live In Reykjavik 1999)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Looking forward to this.

Also, could you please tell me which song that is in the trailer?

1:56 PM  
Blogger Ulf said...

The song in the trailer is lagið í gær

7:19 AM  

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