Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Cave Singers - Invitation Songs

I never made it on to the Pretty Girls Make Graves train. There were a few songs that made it through my ear canals but nothing stuck to the walls. It’s a usual plague in this blog-o-world of bands and songs that are all begging for your attention and in turn some artists deservedly get more iPod play than others.

Luckily the new songs from former Pretty Girls Make Graves bassist, Derek Fudesco, under the new band moniker The Cave Singers, came at the right moment to grab my attention. The appeal to the Cave Singers’ sound may quite possibly be due to the changing seasons as we slowly descend through the autumn months into the impending winter chill. The Cave Singers have this pleasant, sepia tinged timbre that has made for some perfect early morning riser tunes. Looks like I have myself a new wake up song.

10/23/07 - the Echo (w/ Black Mountain) (tix)

[mp3] The Cave SingersSeeds Of Night



Blogger Malcolm Sosa said...

i've seen them live like 3 times and they are great everytime. all goosebumpy and contemplative.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Valerio said...

Hope I can see them live in UK.

nice blog guys, when you have time come visit me on the other side of the ocean, live music scene in plain B&W straight from UK, here:


I wait for you!


3:32 AM  

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