Monday, October 08, 2007

KXLU saves radio / gives me free tickets

KXLU is the only radio station in Los Angeles worth a damn, and they just further proved that by handing me a pair of tickets to Battles and No Age at the Henry Fonda.

It was an epic battle of timing and strategy, but after an early jump as caller #1 - I solidified my fate by being the golden 5th caller. Boo ya! Anyways, I really just wanted a reason to promote KXLU (88.9 for you LA dwellers), and two bands stuck on repeat in my ipod.

listen to KXLU online here Donate to the station here

See Battles/No Age:
10/30/07 - Henry Fonda

[mp3] Battles - Atlas
[mp3] No Age - Boy Void


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