Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gang Gang Dance - RAWWAR

Maybe the sewers of Manhattan are frot with alligators, and Benny Profane* was right to hunt them. Anything seems possible in a city, so electric, it beckons artists from around the globe to come and create work void of social norms. I'm thinking of Excepter, Spike Lee, Animal Collective and of course the list goes on, but we'll finish on Gang Gang Dance. While not all these artists were born in New York, the draw that lead them to the city is the main fascination.

In 2005, I gave God's Money a good long listen. I did my best to soak in its alien qualities, and its fractured presentation; however, I was always left as a passive observer - admiring but absent. It's been a long two years, and music has shaped in a way that opens the doors for Gang Gang Dance (most apparent [in my life] the growth of Animal Collective). RAWWAR sounds more like an off beat, dance album than the occultic seance I recall from GGD's past effort. While this is a result of both GGD's melodic growth and my adjusted eardrums, it is also true that artists on the periphery always finds their way to the center, and it may just be Gang Gang Dance's day.

[mp3] Gang Gang Dance - Nicoman

from the Social Registry site:

[mp3] Gang Gang Dance - Nomad For Love (Cannibal)
[mp3] Gang Gang Dance - North Six 5/01/04

*protagonist in Thomas Pynchon's V


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems a bit odd they titled their album almost verbatim Greenpot Bluepot's 2003 release WARRAW.

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is strange... maybe GGD likes GB

6:21 PM  
Anonymous buy kamagra said...

Great album, I until recently heard it, the name is weird, but the music is good.

6:21 AM  

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