Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wired Presents: Spoon w/ Kool Keith

How sweet is this photo? After a night at Nerdfest 2007 (not a diss - I'm including myself in that term) I've decided to take a step back off the 10 mega pixel, 4 foot telephoto lens approach to concert reporting. It's time to get back to the source, and I believe this photo translates as much energy, passion and beauty as any; however, something tells me Wired wouldn't agree with that statement above.

Walking into the Henry Fonda, the lobby was filled with an array of off-the-wall tech devices, which were meant as a preface for Wired Fest - happening this weekend at the LA Convention Center. I took a shot at MindBall and playing with the dancing yellow robots, before proceeding upstairs for a little open bar (gimme six Schlitzes!). I ran into a fellow nerd/friend Matt Rubin, and waited for what I imagined would be a special performance by Dr. Octagon aka Kool Keith. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and after 10 minutes of awkward rapping (and an even more awkward crowd), I retreated back up to the roof , not before tripping up the stairs and spilling my beer. The goons at the Henry Fonda (as I've probably stated before) are anti-fun and anti-gum, so I found it to be a bitter sweet crash.

At the considerate hour of 10pm, Spoon emerged onto the stage, and tore through a greatest hits set - interwoven with highlights from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. After a 1.5 hour assault, I left the show wishing every musician in the world had been crammed into the Fonda - just to understand what they are up against. Chances are 90% would have left ashamed at their own lack of effort and determination. I don't even play in a band, and I left embarrassed for not putting that kind of effort into my own projects. The one worry I was discussing with Mr. Brian Klein after the show was that many songs are indistinguishable from one another in style. The choppy guitars and tweaked vocals always get the job done, but could be a road block soon for the band. At the same time I love Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, and I'm convinced Brit and co will never stop writing amazing melodies. Case closed.

[mp3] Spoon - Don't Make Me a Target

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*does anyone know the secret behind this photo?



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