Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hall & Oates @ Hollywood Bowl

Dear Mr. Daryl Hall,

You look like a Tiger. Your cascading mane brushed or tossed aside with emphasis during songs gives you the appearance of a mighty jungle cat. I imagine you and your soul brother John probably have several superhuman characteristics; because you are hit machines, and cannot be stopped by conventional methods (of modern love).

I have no desire to stop you. Your concert Saturday night was fantastic. Boy, have you guys still got it. You're consummate musicians, and classic rock n’ rollers - letting that music speak for itself, and occasionally letting Mr. Casual step forward for his saxophone solos. Mr. Casual has always been a really bitchin’ nickname. If you could relay to him that I think so.

Sometimes I think you are joking, like when you introduced Sara Smile as “a song about simplicity in a complicated world.” But you are not. I was wrong to think that. After listening again with opened ears, that’s what that song is about.

I wasn’t expecting the string arrangements on this tour. Smooth. They sounded especially hot on One On One, where “Oh Oh I could feel the magic of that touch.”

I was sorry we didn’t get to hear Private Eyes or Did It In A Minute... or Kiss Is On My List or Portable Radio... I guess you can’t play every song you’ve ever written every night, but I want you to know I wish you could.

I might have been as excited to see J.D. Ryznar (“Micheal McDonald” from internet TV’s Yacht Rock) there at the bowl as I was to see you guys. I knew the Yacht Rock guys would be in attendance, but fun to know we all enjoyed your performance together.

Anyway I’ll let you go. Congratulations on your recent appearance as World Music Jam Host in Flight Of The Conchords the other night. I always thought you were great offering sound advice on that episode of “Ed” all those years ago too. That was a good show.

Keep Haulin’ Oats in the tour bus!


[mp3] Hall & OatesRich Girl
[mp3] Hall & OatesPortable Radio


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