Monday, April 16, 2007

Surf’s Up

“Surfin’ is the only life, the only way for me, now surf with me”

I have been in love with surfing since I was ten years old, when I caught my first wave at Blackies in Newport Beach. This love grew into an obsession for my friends and I. One that ruled many of our mornings during our high school years, as well as fueled our foreign excursions to empty beaches filled with perfect peaks along the shores of Baja California, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. My current schedule has been repeatedly blamed for hindering my access to the beach to catch a good left, but that yearning to get back in the water has never gone away.

This past week in Newport Beach, which the Content claims as its hometown, a huge swell hit the south facing beaches that resulted in some huge conditions. The following photographs taken at the Wedge in Newport Beach are just a taste of what Mother Nature is capable of when the conditions are right. You should all get that
“I’m-scared-straight” pit in your stomach after looking at these pictures. If you don’t you either have huge cajones or are part of the reason the kids in the OC make fun of the 909.

(Click Photos To Enlarge)

[mp3] The Beach BoysSurfin’
[mp3] Dick Dale - Misirlou
[mp3] WeezerSurf Wax USA
[mp3] EskimohunterSurfing At 32F
[mp3] SoundgardenMy Wave
[mp3] Pearl JamOceans
[mp3] The ShinsBlack Wave
[mp3] Modest MouseOcean Breaths Salty
[mp3] The Beach BoysSurf’s Up (Brian Wilson Solo)

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Anonymous Bob D. said...

Thanks for the surf tracks ...

please visit: ...

This is a monthly night of surf music in Stamford, CT ...

Also, check out:
The Northeast Surf Music Alliance ...

and Unsteady Freddie ...
he also hosts Twanshebang and YourSpace Radio at

bob d.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Cool photos.

2. Surf night in Stamford, Connecticut?! Wasn't that the location of "The Horror of Party Beach"? No way I am going near there because the monster may reappear!


12:23 PM  
Blogger Faye said...

Sweet! stubbled accross the site on hype machine! These tracks are purfect timing, im having a hawaiian party later this week and most of these will make an excellent soundtrack! thanks! awesome photos also!

9:09 AM  

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