Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Sky Drops cloud cover electricity

It’s hard for me not to hear the whisper of Kevin Shields when listening to Deleware’s “gaze-grunge” duo the Sky Drops. The noise sounds like cloud cover electricity that one awakens to at ungodly, pre-sunlight mornings when one’s limbs are still slow to move; the melodies are slow but promising, as they emerge through the fog of ambient guitar driven static. I think that it’s the promise of what is hidden within the noise that will attract most. In the same way that shoe gazing grandfathers My Bloody Valentine fashioned their rock pop dissonance, the Sky Drops run a minimalist ship that somehow manages to sail seas that should be tackled by a fleet of men. I hate asking the “what would be” question when dealing with music that comfortably stands on its own two feet but it is hard to not think of the possibilities of adding a bass and keys to the ambient duos mix. And yet somehow I think that the Sky Drops have already learned that bigger is not always better especially when big is already a key adjective in their sound.

[mp3] The Sky DropsHang On
[mp3] The Sky DropsGreen To Red
[mp3] The Sky DropsNow Would Be

Buy the Sky Drops new Clouds of People EP here.

Be sure to check out the Sky Drops as the come to the Echo next week. I have never seen the duo live but I am sure that its going to rock your bloody socks off.

4/19/07 @ the Echo (w/ Spindrift, Stevenson Ranch Davidians)



Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

This is a nice find. Sky Drops is a good addition.

2:44 PM  

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