Friday, March 30, 2007

Mercy For The Meek: Ours to release new album…finally

After waiting for what seems to be lifetimes in the digital age, Ours fans can finally take a breath because the new Ours album, entitled Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy, is soon to parading on all of your ear drums. Unfortunately, Dancing For The Death… doesn’t have a tentative release date at the moment. But with the album being completed, it is only a matter of time before media executives realize that they are sitting on one of the best albums of the year and unleash it on the masses. The Content had the opportunity to get a special sneak listen of the new tracks and all we can say is that Jimmy’s progression has tested our patience and we are oh-so-grateful he made us wait because this album is everything we had been hoping for.

Here’s the tracklisting for Dancing For The Death

1) Mercy
2) Worst Thing Is Beautiful
3) Ran Away
4) Black
5) The Moth
6) God Only Wants You
7) Murder
8) Live Again
9) Willing
10) Saint Down The Hall
11) Lost
12) Get Up
13) ?

Unfortunately, the Content didn’t have the opportunity to grab the last song title but to be honest it’s more of an outro for the album than an actual song. Just imagine 29 seconds of looping melody sung by the innocent voice of a child. If you listen closely you can hear the voice at the end of "Give Up" on their Myspace page. Gives you something extra to look forward to.

[mp3] OursThe Moth (Live)
[mp3] OursLost (Live)
[mp3] OursLive Again (Live)

Head over to Ours’ Myspace to listen to three new tracks from the upcoming album.


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