Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Demographic of a Locust Concert

This might be a bold statement, but I think The Locust may be about ready to pack up and leave the music world. While most would assume I'm basing this prediction around the restricted nature of the band's music, I'm actually resting it solely on the crowd that attended their show last night in Hollywood.

Since I mentioned it, let me spend a second on the musical restrictions of The Locust. I have 67 songs on my itunes by The Locust, but to a virgin ear it may sound like 1 song on repeat 67 times. At the heart of every Locust song is an explosion of drums, space-alien keys and multi-toned screaming. The differences in songs lie around how they choose to compose each sonic assault. Even their latest record New Erections, which takes the band out of 30 second song land, doesn't display much musical evolution. In my own experience, I believe there is immense talent and precision packed into each "song;" however, that is doomed to always be the minority opinion - which brings me to the real issue.

The Locust have always been on the fringe of the mainstream, but at the heart of indie kids who love aggressive music. As the years have gone by, more exposure has brought the band farther and farther into the mainstream metal/hardcore scene. This proves detrimental to the running ethos of the band that states openly they don't want angry beef slabs as their fan base. The Locust are four skinny San Diegains (San Diegites?) that grew up being harassed by the same jocks that are now beating up people in the crowd at their shows. I'm basing these statements off both a long interview where Justin discussed taking a lot of abuse for being bi-sexual, and the cold and aggressive attitude of the band last night. No one in the band said a word the entire night, and every time someone crowd surfed Justin Pearson would shake his head, spit at them and even got a few kicks in. Truthfully, I was feeling about the way, and looked to Justin for some sanity in the situation.

Because this was my first Locust concert, I can't say how long they've had to deal with an apish crowd. The group of skinny gyrating kids, and long haired headbangers you'd expect at a Locust show where still around, but it was the large, violent ________s that (in my opinion) bought the show down a few notches on the evolutionary totem pole. Can The Locust be upset about an aggressive response to aggressive music? I always had that beef with At The Drive-in stopping shows to makes sure no one moshed. Of course people are going to freak out at a Locust show, but there has got to be some decency for your fellow man thrown in to make it work, and from what I saw last night that was about void.

[mp3] The Locust - Slum Service (Served on the Sly)

[mp3] The Locust - Bring Your 6.5 Italian Carbine


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at a locus show last year, and people just stood there. Maybe theyve outlived their welcome? It doesnt help when they seem like they dont have any fun onstage themselves...anyway, nice post. T

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Locust only get the audience they deserve, outside of their talent and creativity which ar ea give they are total jerks. Once i was at a show of theirs in san diego (one of dozens i attended) and Justin headbutted a heckler in the face and quite probably broke his nose.

I stopped listening to their records right about then. Agressive music doesn't have to harbor violence for your fans, if their crowd sucks its because they alienated everyone that would have attended.

12:13 PM  
Blogger BWH999 said...

Thanks for the comments - It's interesting to hear some opinions from people who've seen them several times (especially in SD). Since this was my first show (although I've been a fan for several years), I didn't know what was normal.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to see the Locust in Papillion NE a few days ago. Everyone in the audience just stood there, which doesn't bother me. The majority of the people in the audience were just there to be there, with their teased up hair and brand new "scene" clothes. It was a sad sight to see.

Regardless, I enjoyed the show. I even hung out with Gabe, Bobby, Justin, and a few of the Cattle Decapitation guys after the show. Justin was one of the nicest people I've ever met, so your opinions are mute.

6:23 PM  

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