Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Concert Pirates: Deerhunter

The pirates have struck again! This time our victims were the fine folks at the Echo, and the band - Deerhunter. Known for having a chaotic, some would say terrible live show (read the quotes on their myspace), RC knew it was essential to go record the show and set the record straight. Our first piece of news is that Deerhunter is the farthest thing from awful live. Somehow the band's live sound was able to capture Cryptograms watery production, turning the Echo into a giant fishbowl.

While a normal rock concert is carved from a block of silence, Deerhunter's set was chiseled from a wall of noise - the songs excavated from the debris surrounding them. It was an intense, inverse experience. Unfortunately, it was pretty hard to capture all this in the live recording. The live tracks are actually more discernible as songs then my experience at the show. At the show it felt like songs floated in and out of each other, and that the melodies were often eaten by a pit of feedback and delay; however, the mp3 recordings play pretty straightforward - for a Deerhunter concert at least.

Bradford took cues from rock legends of the past - sporting a blue sundress and long black wig. Sadly our resident lens master Braedon was out of the country, which means no pics - so you'll have to use your imagination.

***we are missing the first song***
[mp3] Deerhunter - Cryptograms / Wash Off (live)
[mp3] Deerhunter - Spring Hall Convert (live)
[mp3] Deerhunter - Hazel St (live)
[mp3] Deerhunter - Octet (live)
[mp3] Deerhunter - Strange Lights (live)

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