Friday, January 12, 2007

Mandatory Attendance

It seems as though the holiday season got the best of us. We had a few weeks to relax and then the world seemed to start rotating faster than ever before with one of us here starting a new job and the other getting a butt load of assignments dropped on his head during the first week of classes. Fortunately, some of our favorite bands have decided to make our lives better by starting the New Year off right and booking dates in our fair city. So for all of you that need a reason to get off the couch, here is our New Years installment of the mandatory attendance (and yes that says Bright Eyes at the El Rey).

01/24/07 – Deerhoof @ El Rey (tix)
01/26/07 – Of Montreal @ El Rey (tix)
01/27/07 - Black Lips @ Spaceland (tix)
02/21/07 - Grizzly Bear @ Trouabdour (tix)
03/03/07 - The Annuals @ Spaceland (tix)
03/07/07 - Bright Eyes @ El Rey (tix) (2 days)
03/13/07 - El Perro Del Mar @ Jensen RecCenter (tix)
03/19/07 - Bloc Party @ Wiltern LG (tix) (2 days)
03/30/07 - TV on the Radio @ Henry Fonda (tix) (2 days)
04/13/07 - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists @ El Rey (tix)
04/22/07 - The Books @ Malibu Performing Arts Center (tix)
04/24/07 - Xiu Xiu & Sunset Rubdown @ Troubadour (tix)

The “You-Should-Really-Already-Have-These” Taste Tester
[www] The Books Smells Like Content
[www] Sunset RubdownThree Colours
[www] Grizzly Bear - Knife
[www] El Perro Del Mar - Candy
[www] TV on the RadioWolf Like Me

(Note: Bear with us while we get our server problems fixed. It won't be that much longer and the upgrade will be oh so pleasing for all of you. Thanks for being patient.)


Anonymous MG and the Funky Bunch said...

King, I have a big to ask of you. Here goes nothing:

I need (2) tix to 03/07/07 - Bright Eyes @ El Rey (tix) (2 days)
I need (2) tix to 03/19/07 - Bloc Party @ Wiltern LG (tix) (2 days)

Yeah that's it! Very simple. Oh...and put them on your's or RahRah's CC since I didn't get an Xmas present this year. :(

Thanks for everything and Happy New Year! I think 2007 is off to a great start for all of us (wink wink)!


11:15 AM  

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