Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Queen

Although my mind always told me that "super-bands" were destined to make great music, my experience has painted a more pessimistic picture. Whether it's conflicting egos, misdirection or just a publicity ploy, "super-bands" come and go rather quickly and rarely wet my appetite.

Wth that, The Good, The Bad and The Queen break this stagnant mold, and keep it fresh by keeping it simple. The roster: Damon Albarn's (Blur, Gorillaz) leads the group, with Paul Simonon on bass (The Clash), Simon Tong on guitar (The Verve) and Tony Allen on drums (Africa 70, Fela Kuti). Producing this endeavor is the infamous DJ Dangermouse, who worked with Damon on Demon Days.

At this point I've only heard "History Song," but its sparse beauty gives me great hope for the album. It's a requiem march, holding to a single, haunting melody, but constantly and subtly altering its approach.

I want the full length now, but I'll settle for "History Song" on repeat.

[mp3] The Good, The Bad and The Queen - History Song

pre-order the album

pre-order the single "Kingdom of Doom"


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