Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The King's (Extra) Picks for 2006

Camera ObscuraLet’s Get Out Of This Country

This was the year of pop for me (along with gypsy music) and I have a lot of gratitude to show Camera Obscura for helping me along that path. On this album, Camera Obscura sound like they could have been transplanted from the reverb chamber of a 1960s, black and white televsion dance off. And it doesn’t hurt that “If Looks Could Kill” is one of my favorite songs of 2006.

[mp3] Camera ObscuraIf Looks Could Kill


The PipettesWe Are The Pipettes

Those that were put off by the matching polka dots and the resurrection of a genre that died a slow death nearly 30 years ago missed out on some of the most solid songwriting of the year. Every song was written with enough buttercup harmonies to land in the top 10 back in 1973. The triumph of the Pipettes though was their ability to modernize their sound with up to date lyrics for the double oughts that dealt with the empowered woman.

[mp3] The PipettesPull Shapes


My Brightest DiamondBring Me The Workhorse

Shara Worden’s well-done hair accenting her head as it bent along the freshly trimmed back of that dark horse was a warning to all who would listen. Those familiar with the easy and light sound that her voice had backed in her day job with Sufjan would be in for a change of pace with the dark and elegant songwriting that Workhorse brought. The simple orchestrations of guitar and strings were the perfect playground for the professionally trained voice of Warden and we were there enjoying every moment of it.

[mp3] My Brightest DiamondDragonfly


Junior BoysSo This Is Goodbye

I was on board the Timberlake sexy train until I heard the Junior Boys record and I wasn’t at all ashamed of my early departure from hearing JT bringing sexy back. There isn’t anything released this year that screams out sexy more than Junior Boys and JT and if “Sexy Back” and “In The Morning” were going to duke it out I would be hard pressed to find a clear winner.

[mp3] Junior BoysIn The Morning


CalifoneRoots & Crowns

It was impossible to find the line between the organic and the manufactured on Califone’s Roots & Crowns. The songs seemed to roll like tumble weeds through an electronic graveyard mending and doing right all the synthesized seemed to cover up. Dark and dusty pieces moved to Sunday morning bedroom contemplations and onward weaving out through night and day. Roots & Crowns is one of the sonic masterpieces of 2006 all but hidden behind the beautiful songwriting of front man Tim Rutilli.

[mp3] CalifoneThe Orchids


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Hope you have a merry Christmas!

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Blogger Will said...

I would say pop music is seeing a genuine indie resurgence this year that should really just continue on in to the next. We still have that Little Ones full length to look forward to, after all.

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