Monday, January 08, 2007

Round 2

I got information! New shit has come to light! And
- The Dude

Within a week of posting on The Good, The Bad and The Queen and Panda Bear, I was emailed two new tracks to share. Instead of letting these songs slip through the crack, I am making this an epilogue post.

Damon and co. continue to bring the goods with "80's Life." The waltz first enters with simple piano chords and guitar arpeggios, and from this foundation the vocal layering is constructed. It's called "80's Life," but the barbershop vocals bring me back to the 50's. Maybe it's about people in their 80's. Either way, GBQ do a great job crafting dense, but contained songs. Now I'm even more excited about the LP.

[www] The Good, The Bad and The Queen - 80's Life (yousendit file)

Welcome to my new obsession. Panda Bear is everything I love about music, wrapped into one person - Noah Lennox. I explained in my post last week that I'm fascinated by drummers and DJs. Panda Bear is a percussionist, sampler and singer who is finally showing all his cards. Young Prayer is a good introduction to Panda Bear, but over the course of the album, it's grows a little sparse. Person Pitch (released March 20th) is filled with infectiously beautiful vocal melodies, and precision crafted loops. This album will be in our top 5 for 2007 - I'm claiming it now.

[www] Panda Bear - I'm Comfy in Nautica (yousendit file)

I also found a great live video of Panda Bear performing "Bro's."


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