Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

She took me far away. Somewhere far from the garages and traffic lights I found her strumming alone. The angels and sugar sprout fairies surrounded and lifted her voice up to the heavens as I curled my fingers into the mossy ground beneath her toes. The others crept in slowly after to lay their heads at her feet as she sang sweet echoes between the trees and between city noises sounding off in the distance. We weren’t that far away but for moments linked together in minutes we had escaped.

The reaction has always been the same when I have played Josephine Foster’s A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing for new ears. Her voice has the power to freeze time to all who are within reach of her vocal chords. The music of this opera-trained dropout turned Young God folkie is exciting for her avant-garde take on the past. A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing is really Foster’s interpretation of 19th Century German parlour balladry. Her creation of foreign scenery with modernized echoes of today is just a reminder that our escapist attempts are riddled with residue of the moment.

[www] Josephine FosterAn Die Musik
[www] Josephine Foster Stones Throw From Heaven (from Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You)


Anonymous Suetanan said...

Josephine Foster is sheerly incredible. And I realize "incredible" is a lack-luster, over-used, underwhelming word but...IT IS JUST INCREDIBLE. There is some sort of benevolent and organic force guiding her music, that is too ambiguous and gorgeous to grasp. Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You still remains to be my favorite...everyone should check it out.

6:26 PM  

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