Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nick's Personal Favorites

Although both Jon and I love our Top 10 list, we still had some personal favorites that needed to be mentioned. In no particular order, here are my additions to the list.

Tom Waits - Orphans

Tom Waits is America. He's a rough, expansive continent, who rejects classification and being tamed. In this massive 3 disc release of rarities, b-sides and spoken word, Tom Waits proves he can't write a bad song. Even the songs stuck in the attic are gold.

[mp3] Tom Waits - Lie To Me


The Blood Brothers - Young Machetes

If Tom Waits is America's soil, The Blood Brothers are the country's dark underground. They expose the darkest vices of man, and paint apocalyptic pictures of each tale. Young Machetes finds the band at a creative crossroad, which they have decided to avoid for the moment. For now, they are content doing what they do best - making beautiful noise, and crafting stories of depravity.

Young Machetes review

The Blood Brothers - You're the Dream Unicorn!


Bonnie "Prince" Billy
- The Letting Go

When Will Oldham recorded The Letting Go in Iceland, he took inspiration from his surrounding. Oldham's usual unpolished style, is smoothed out in The Letting Go, by a sea of strings. While this might worry some fans of Bonnie "Prince" Billy, one listen to the LP will vanquish all fears. This is a new and wonderful stone overturned for Oldham.

The Letting Go review

[mp3] Bonnie Prince Billy - Love Comes to Me


Islands - Return to the Sea

Where Nick Diamonds goes - I follow. Simple as that. No more Unicorns? I packed my bags right then and said, "Where to next?" Islands is not Unicorns lite. The band is full of talented, young musicians that bring new elements to the music. Return to the Sea has some brilliant moments, and that gives me hope for future releases. Plus they bring fireworks to their concerts.

[mp3] Islands - Rough Gem


Mogwai - Mr. Beast

It's a shame that Mogwai get caught in the "study music" net, because it becomes merely background music. I want people to experience Mr. Beast with their full attention. Despite the intimidating album title, Mr. Beast is actually a quick, straight forward LP. From first to last note, Mogwai keep the listener's entranced. Don't ruin this album with a study session.

[mp3] Mogwai - Auto Rock