Friday, August 31, 2007

New Band of Horses – “Is There A Ghost”

“Is There A Ghost” does more than just tickle my fancy, the song caters to some of my most fundamental musical pleasantries: charming timbre accenting crooning vocals, reverb thick production, and a kinetic energy that respects the parameters of pop history. The lead off track on Cease To Begin starts with as much immediacy as it ends. The song, ranking in at a few seconds over the 3-minute mark, is an emotional bullet train that has the trajectory that never falters from its straight and narrow course. It’s overly simplistic in its circulatory design; its verse-chorus designation effortless loops like the rounding tires of any forward moving vehicle. The song in no way reaches the levels of complication or experimentation that one tends to search for in modern rock to validate its placement in our ears (a type of litmus test for the musical elite). But with all the bogies and miss hits that come to bat in our stadium of sound, Band of Horses have hit a line drive, out of the park, home run for our attention span.

Band of HorsesIs There A Ghost



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