Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Liars present Liars

It’s some sort of heart attack. The new Liars album begins in a frantic chase of adrenaline, a one-way train through a Dali desert with the four corners of horizon rushing in on the chaotic, disconcerting action that lay at the canvas center. It is quite possibly the most straightforward entry into a Liars album that one could envision with enough texture and disturbia to get one’s usual knocks off. But this straightforwardness is only the beginning to an album that is peppered with Liars’ practiced efforts to write “real songs” as they had previously reported. Track two “Houseclouds” is a more fully formed pop effort with singalong type vocals and a jingle jangle of a synth line. This fun runs at a perpendicular junction to Liars’ previous concept gone underground Drum’s Not Dead to form a strange dichotomy of pop tradition and outside the borders, off canvas brush strokes of experimental rock.

Within these last two comparisons spans the spectrum of the Liars catalog and a diversity that is reminiscent of the clichéd out comparison to Radiohead. I would personally have steered clear of such pairing except for the striking similarity that comes across in the album closer, “Protection”. It might be my own imagination but I can envision Angus and Thom lodged up in that abandoned German sound space working out the chord and vocal lines with the pair trading one liners to complete the lyric. It might just be my own predilection but maybe I would just like to see Radiohead cover a Liars song. Maybe Thom would too.

[mp3] LiarsProtection



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