Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Daft Punk present ELECTROMA film

I’d agree. Making some of the worlds best electronic music probably isn’t fulfilling enough. Having lyrics written about you; “the first guy playing Daft Punk to the rock kids,”1 set up as a 2001 monolith shift in hipster understanding - Might merit a journal entry, but you’ve had entire albums translated into an anime film2, and are in the habit of throwing live shows heralded as: “The best concert of any summer3 ” so you’re not really sweat'n it.

Might as well go ahead and make another movie.

Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel De Homem-ChristoElectroma
The quest of two robots in becoming human.

Release Date: OCTOBER 15 2007

[mp3] Daft Punk Face To Face (Fabriclive. Cut Copy rmx)
[mp3] Daft Punk Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger (OK Ikumi rmx)
1 "Loosing My Edge," LCD Soundsystem
Kazuhisa Takenôchi, director, Interstella 5555, 2003
3 "Best Concert Of Any Summer," Steady Mobbin’, Friday Aug.10 2007


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