Friday, June 08, 2007

Coastal Mixtape for a California Dream

I love California. I have no intentions of leaving. I have claimed my turf and set up shop, for there really cannot be any hidden treasure of property that can equal the celestial burn that has grazed and purified this southern coastal kingdom. Go ahead and call me out on my stereotypical, Californian brag, an annoyance, quite possibly, greater than any southern drawl or eastern drone. But in many ways I buy into the whole dream of our mythical coastal landscapes and possibilities for endless summers. For I have drudged the chills of Siberia, the suffocating stench and choke of northeastern humidity, and failed to find comparable troves of feminine form elsewhere. Friends, please do forgive my ostentation and inability to compromise my stable pretense but it is only in good faith that I propose for your conversion. Please do accept the gospel of our ways. Follow me to the light of the eternal sunset. California here we come.

[mp3] AmericaVentura Highway
[mp3] LowCalifornia
[mp3] The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls
[mp3] StereophonicsHave A Nice Day
[mp3] The ClienteleFrom Brighton Beach to Santa Monica
[mp3] The ThrillsBig Sur
[mp3] Joni Mitchell California
[mp3] The DecemberistsLos Angeles, I’m Yours
[mp3] RadioheadI Will (Los Angeles Version)
And for good measure...
[mp3] Death Cab For Cutie - Why You'd Want To Live Here

Welcome summer...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice list but your missing the best song - marlena shaw, california soul!

4:55 PM  

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