Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All Smiles - Ten Readings of A Warning

I’ve never been someone who enjoys floating through space. I love gravity and all its cemented context. Consequently, my initial “blind taste test” listen to All Smiles left me slightly less interested than after my second, post-research experience. It’s the history and context of a creation that makes art tangible in my life. Time to contextualize!

All Smiles is Jim Fairchild. Jim was in a band called Grandaddy. Grandaddy lost its mojo, Jim split with Jason Lytle and became the CEO of his own music career. Ten Readings of A Warning is Jim’s first album, which was made for no money at his house. It sounds warm, honest and beautiful. While there is room for Grandaddy sound comparison, All Smiles carves its own identity through its organic composition. The metallic buzz that surrounds a Lytle piece is replaced here with Fairchild's intimate acoustics. All Smiles is one part warm hearted and one part ironic cynic, which feels like a pretty honest outlook on the world.

Come early to the Menomena shows and see All Smiles with your own two eyes.

6/01/07 - Neumo's Seattle
6/06/07 - WOW Hall Eugene
6/08/07 - The Independent San Francisco
6/09/07 - Harlow's Sacramento
6/10/07 - Cellar Door Visalia
6/11/07 - Sea Level Records In-Store Los Angeles
6/12/07 - Troubadour Los Angeles
6/13/07 - Glass House Pomona
6/14/07 - Casbah San Diego
6/15/07 - Solar Culture Tucson
6/16/07 - Clubhouse Phoenix
6/19/07 - The Parish Austin
6/20/07 - Walter's Houston
6/21/07 The Granada Dallas
6/22/07 The Bottleneck Lawrence
6/23/07 Waiting Room Omaha

[mp3] All Smiles - Moth in a Cloud of Smoke



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