Thursday, June 07, 2007

Suggested Viewing: Mark James - Candylion

UPDATE: Sorry for the bad link - It's all good now!

Mark James - Gruff Rhys - "Candylion"

Candylion is the second solo slash side project album of Super Furry Animals frontman, Gruff Rhys. That’s his name and the band’s name. Lots of pretty cascading choruses, and acoustic accompaniment from what little I have heard. I can promise an occasional keyboard samba beat as well. If you liked SFA you’ll enjoy this. It’s sweet and nice.

The newscast - craft show form of this video is immediately pleasing in all its deadpan nonchalance. I love the glances back and forth and the cut out cut–a–ways. Hard to beat a good teleprompter stare, and a fake mustache over a real mustache.

Today's episode instructs us in making our own construction paper lion figurine. King of the sweetart jungle. It doesn’t hurt that Miss Lisa Jën, (joining Gruff Rhys on a few tracks from the album) is a complete doll herself. You know you fall hard when she does that little shoulder shrug.



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