Thursday, May 31, 2007

Local News Brief

The Deadly Syndrome will be playing Spaceland every Monday for free this month, as part of their June residency. As you know we love these guys, so please go out to the shows and support.

As part of the ongoing Cemetary Screenings in Hollywood Forever, this Saturday's film will be Charles Vidor's 1946 classic Gilda. Unfortunately, the Content has yet to attend one of these gems, but this will all change on Saturday.

I Heart Comix has just launched their new blog, and we highly suggest you check it out. The duo will also be running the ExPlx every other Saturday with Check Yo Ponytail. Everything they touch turns to gold, so be there to witness the magic.

The Little Ones will release a digital only "Lover Who Uncover" EP on June 5th, which will include remixes from Crystal Castles, Stereolab, CSS and Radio Clit. Watch the video for "Lover Who Uncover" here.


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