Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Walter Meego Require More Arms

Life’s been getting pretty good. The Ed Banger gang, MSTRKRFT, the promise of more Sabastien Grainger. Dance music doesn’t mean listening to stuff that sucks anymore.

It was a struggle at first, in the early days of Figurine. It sounded too much like techno to get comfortable, but it had lyrics and pop structure. It built and went places instead of droning from one indistinguishable beat to the next.

It was confusing. Nobody danced. No matter how badly you wanted to, it was like the first half of Footloose up in independent music. Lots of people at lots of shows doing the “Standing Still”, but people where quietly, motionlessly, eager to try some new steps. We were given Daft Punk, and The Rapture, the LCD Soundsystems... everybody started djing, and rather quickly we’ve come to live in a glorious
new age of shake that ass.

You feel it? I’m feelin’ it.

Now, I said all that to say this: Walter Meego's gonna make you slip a disc.

Justin Sconza and Colin Yarck make up Champaign, Illinois’ Walter Meego, and they aim to get your toes tapping. In their own words: “Walter Meego is like the most delicious sandwich ever made.”

Have some:

[mp3] Walter Meego - Peg
[mp3] Walter Meego - Things Are Getting Better
[mp3] Walter Meego - Through A Keyhole

That's not the only tip I’ve got for you. When feeling like you're not dancing well; more arms. People don’t use enough arms. Gonna work like a charm.


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