Monday, June 04, 2007

Content Addicted 1.0

New music. Old Music. Good music. Bad music. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter when you are addicted. That tune that continues to make it onto your playlists and mixtapes. That song that you don’t mind leaving on repeat or pressing ‘track back’ a few times in a row. It might be your little secret or the one that everyone keeps going on about. When it’s good to you that is all that matters.

Low rumble. Slow burning. Humble in its demand for your listen. “Tired and wired we ruin to easy.” Completely affecting.

[mp3] The NationalApartment Story

I hung out with my parents and sister for about five minutes the other night at a social gathering. It was swell until I realized that my blood had been drained and my bones powdered to fit into a condensed package, a mere extension of my parent’s success, a trophy product for the breeders to shine in front of their crowd. Oh boy. I love camera.

[mp3] The Bird & The BeeI Hate Camera

I live on the West coast. I met an actress that I could not identify. I move real fine but only when listening to monophonic notes being punched by men in slim suits. My heart swings on amphetamines. My heart swings sometimes.

[mp3] InterpolThe Heinrich Maneuver

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