Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Passionistas - God's Boat

Remember all those reasons you have for not paying for music – it’s overpriced, the artist never sees any of the money, only a few tracks on the album are worth listening to, etc… Well those are all really valid arguments, and I hope you never buy music that falls into that laundry list; however, when an album does pass the test, it seems only right that you buy it. Funny enough, I found just the right self-funded, attitude laden LP for you to buy, which will pay you back with its bleeding passion.

The Passionistas are a three piece from San Francisco whose debut album, God's Boat, is the first release from RC's favorite blogger Will (New and Used Records). God's Boat is a perfect addition to the summer catalogue for a few reasons. One, it's feels light and airy - Two, it embraces carelessness and abandon- Three, it's like nothing else out there.

Taking cues from the yelps of Iggy Pop turn the situation on its head - giving everyone the middle finger. The and guitars of 70's punk, The Passionistas' production is stripped bare. This in turn brings the vocals up front, giving them room to lash ironic slurs at the workings of today's world. "Y2K" takes society's rehashed doomsday fears, and mocks them through tongue-in-cheek lyrics and delivery. Everyone wants to make these big powerful songs about the state of our government, and The Passionistas
turn the situation on its head - giving everyone the middle finger. They take on an absurd situation with their own brand of absurdity. "Going Gay" and "Teenage Jesus" have the shock elements that keeps punk (and all art) interesting, but I've always hoped that at a deeper level the "shock value" was actually a glimpse at someone's unique (and honest) vision of the world. This hope lives on with The Passionistas. They're young, bratty and maybe just the fresh-air perspective this world needs. Please support the new guard.

[mp3] The Passionistas - Going Gay
[mp3] The Passionistas - The Socialist

06/08/07 Cafe Du Nord - San Francisco (record release show)

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Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've liked what I've been hearing from the Passionistas so far. They do have a lot of fun with their music and I think that Will saw something groundbreaking in them.

7:39 PM  

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