Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Voices In My Head

They keep on talking. I keep them company. When my days run long and my nights run late I hear these voices in my head. Everyday in everyway they’re there singing their praise for a brighter day, a better way, the next best thing. I have temporarily been assigned to a halogen buzzing room, lined with books penned by prophets, to write papers upon linoleum pressed tabletops.

These are the short and sweet voices that have been keeping me company while I create fiction about the failing democracy in the Russian state. Wish me luck. I'll be back with more new music as soon as I prove that Putin is an autocrat.

The ‘421 Second’ Mixtape
[mp3] Animal CollectiveCollege
[mp3] The Beach BoysOur Prayer
[mp3] Spartan Fidelity 1st Sun
[mp3] Brian WilsonOne For The Boys
[mp3] RadioheadI Will (No Man’s Land)



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