Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crystal Castles Rise Above the Binary Clouds

Oh, cold digital world - baptise me in your sea of 1's and 0's - let electricity flow through my veins - put life into this sterile medium. Amen.

Crystal Castles answer this prayer, by breathing life into white noise. While electronic music isn't a new art form, Crystal Castles don't just work with electronics, they are electronic. CC is the result of computers gaining consciousness and releasing their first tortured moan. They are the build up of current that rebelled against their motherboard. Yeah, they're rad, and of course they'll make you dance - in that robot sort of way.

They have even made their way around town, infecting other bands. The list includes Klaxons, Heath and even RC's beloved Little Ones.

So far they have only released two limited print EPs that are completely sold out; however, almost every song is available online.

[www] Crystal Castles - Alice Practice

[www] Crystal Castles vs. The Little Ones -
Lovers Who Uncover

[www] Crystal Castles - She Fell Out

The future holds this for Crystal Castles:

clear pink vinyl
on Young Cubs Records

"INSECTICON" EP (CD & Cassette)
on Blood of the Drash Records

Both will no doubt be limited releases, so get your buy on.

They are also touring, which includes a stop in LA:

3/17 X-Plex w/ The Presets


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