Friday, March 02, 2007

Tear Down The Workhorse

I fell in love with Shara Worden long after I had learned she was the voice sneaking up behind Sufjan to fill in the nooks and crannies. This past year, emerging as My Brightest Diamond, Shara Worden powerfully cast her spells singing chants with the ability to freeze time momentarily. The end results were dark and gorgeous, reminiscent of the beauty similar to those final lilting notes during Jeff Buckley’s “Lilac Wine” and “Corpus Christi Carol.” But with My Brightest Diamond’s new remix album, Tear It Down, being released next week, a very different result is achieved. On this effort, Shara employed some close friends and new finds via Myspace to have their go at redefining the controlled efforts that she had released on last year’s Bring Me The Workhorse.

For me personally, demo versions, live recordings, and remixes are all special experiences for the listener. It is nearly impossible to take part in the journey of song crafting but with these outlets it is possible to further understand the art that has affected us so greatly. Tear It Down is an opportunity to see Workhorse in a new light and under the influence of interpreters that can only help us in our own examination of these songs.

Enjoy the album and be sure to catch My Brightest Diamond at the Troubadour come this April. Tear It Down looks something like this:

1. Alias - "Golden Star"

2. Lusine - "Workhorse"

3. Gold Chains - "Freak Out (Panique mix)"

4. Stakka - "Disappear"

5. Murcof - "Dragonfly"

6. Alfred Brown - "Magic Rabbit"

7. DJ Kenny Mitchell [ft. Nimnomadic] - "Freak Out (REWIND 93 REMIX)"

8. Haruki - "We Were Sparkling"

9. David Keith - "Something of an End"

10. David Michael Stith - "Gone Away"

11. Siamese Sisters - "The Good and the Bad Guy"

12. Strings of Consciousness - "Gone Away"

13. Cedar AV - "Disappear (Wheat to Whiskey mix)"

[mp3] My Brightest Diamond Golden Star (Alias Remix)
My Brightest Diamond Freak Out (Gold Chains Remix)
[www] Stream Tear It Down here

4/30/07 – Troubadour (w/ Pedestrian) (tix on sale TODAY)



Blogger Music Now said...

An artist in a new context offers the listener another window onto the music.

Those in the midwest should check out My Brightest Diamond (Shara with string quartet) as a part of the amazing line-up at the MusicNOW festival.

7:15 PM  

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