Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Holy Fuck Are the Computers

How I've somehow overlooked a band like Holy Fuck for two years is beyond me. Their name alone should have branded itself to my frontal lobe (is that where memories are stored?), but somehow I only got my first taste of their self titled LP two months back. I quickly added it to my words and notes post, pairing it up with William Gaddis' final work, Agape Agape. The book deals with the mechanization of the arts, specifically the birth of the player piano, and how it diminished the need for artist talent. What I felt was interesting about Holy Fuck, was that although their songs feel conceived from a laptop, they play everything manually. A perfect final chapter to the story of mechanization. Post-Techno, if you will. Because of this hands-on approach, every notes sounds fuller and freer than if delivered from a Pro Tools plug-in. This fact also makes live performances much more interesting - I Guess I'm Floating confirms this notion.

The new Holy Fuck EP speaks volumes for the growth of a band between releases. While I really enjoyed the recklessness of their debut LP, this limited print EP is an incredible display of Holy Fuck's talent. They've become skilled composers.The lead off track,"Lovely Allen" is a soaring, triumphant piece that reminds me of a Godspeed track. "The Pulse" (IGIF's got it) seamlessly begins where the prior track left off. The song is more melodically subdued, but again it feels crafted from veteran hands. While some may miss Holy Fuck's older style, something I understand because I loved their full length, this new direction is less a new path, but more a refining of their musical skills - and who can dismiss that.

Hey Holy Fuck, please come to Los Angeles soon.

[mp3] Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen
[mp3] Holy Fuck - Tone Bank Jungle (s/t LP)


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