Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You Gotta Give To Get

She makes me feel like there are things in life worthy of feeling regret over. Her open handed realizations on her self titled debut, El Perro Del Mar, made me wish I could relive those bad days better and smile even when the sun went down. “You gotta give to get” could have possibly been inscribed across the top of my front door so that every time I made way onto the streets of my city I could be reminded of the law of comeuppance and and the blessings of sacrifice. My love affair with Spector and his obsession over the layering chamber choral sounds of the Crystals and the Ronettes made my introduction to El Perro Del Mar that much more enticing.

Since its more than apparent that the Content is deeply in love with the calm suffering of El Perro Del Mar, it is only appropriate that we relay the info of an additional show in the LA area this month at the intimate Hotel Café. And since we understand the “gotta give to get” gospel we are going to offer up two b-sides for the receiving.

And here is the oh-so-cute animated video for "God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)" that 3hive double dog dares us not to like. The Content is going to back them on that bet.

3/13/07 – The Echo (w/ Rosie Thomas) (tix)
3/14/07 – Hotel Café (w/ The One AM Radio) (tix)

[mp3] El Perro Del MarSad (from Look! It’s El Perro Del Mar)
El Perro Del MarSay (from You Gotta Give To Get)



Blogger AM said...

Are you guys going to the Hotel Cafe show? I crapped my pants when I saw that along with her The One AM Radio and Greg Laswell both have sets... it's gonna be an amazing night!

11:16 AM  

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